“What I Want is _______ I Need!”

“What I Want is _______ I Need!”

Join Dr. Alex Loyd on Wednesday, January 26 for The Cutting Edge, At The Heart of Health.

Dr. Loyd’s topic this week is  ‘What I Want is _______ I Need!’.

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Dr. Loyd always has such good topics and it’s a perfect mid-week pick-me-up. So join him and discover ‘What I Want is _______ I Need!’.


  1. I love the Cutting Edge series. I’ve been studying Law of Attraction and personal development since The Secret came out. I was excited about the truth it contained and how we can create the life of our dreams. I love taking truth from wherever I find it and seeing how it connects and all fits together.

    I became a bit disillusioned though as I would listen to speakers who had tons of truth but then would have some whopping lie mixed in with it. I read a 50+ year old book – Norman Vincent Peale’s Power of Positive Thinking – and I was astounded. That timeless book written 50 years ago had the real truth – so what were we all wasting our time on The Secret, etc. for? Here’s the real secret : It is no secret! It’s no secret what God can do in your life.

    The spiritual laws of nature are those timeless truths that God teaches us through the scriptures and through our hearts. Dr. Loyd teaches us how to live the life we truly desire – not the one we think we want – by living from the heart, by de-junking our heart so we can connect to what we really want and be content in whatsoever circumstances we find ourselves in (Phillipians 4:11)

    Thank you, Dr Loyd, for having the faith to seek truth, and share what you find. God bless.

    Trina Burgess

  2. I received an email from Dr Alex Loyd staff in relation to the weekly on going series of talks the one today is on What I want is __________ need
    I am from england so I don’t know if the toll free number works and to be able to acess it with the access code given in your email.
    and what does CT time mean ? the time is 1.oopm that is clear how do we log in from United kingdom as a free call ?? and take party please reply as soon as possible

    1. C.T is Central Time – it is GMT -6.

      The number is not toll free for anyone. Many people dial in with Skype or wait for the call to be posted to the archives. You can listen to it in the archives at no charge.

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