Magic Bullet??

Magic Bullet??

Hi Dr Alex
In your book you say that this is not a magic bullet,very true, however! after doing the codes for the past 4 months, I have noticed a very remarkable change in my own energy, I am not so intense as I have been, this has snowballed into a great feeling of bliss in a lot of areas, I am forever complimented on how well I look when people have not seen me for a while, they want to know what I am taking.
Added to this my facial skin has improved and I can back this up by before and after photos, I had a bad case of Keritosis which is clearing up, this has taken some time obviously.

Another issue that I thought I dealt with earlier in my life actually brought up another issue that I didn’t know was a problem…this has now also been dealt with and gone.
While I was doing the codes a black bubbling pool came to mind and out of these bubbles came out issues,issues that have been dealt with as well.The pool is now gone.
What is remarkable is that my needs are somehow disappearing slowly but surely,is it possible that one day I may have no need for certain things anymore?

I have undertaken many courses over the years. viz: Mind Power, P.M.A., E.F.T., Kinesiology, Massage Qualifications and so on.

The Healing Codes are the most non intrusive, non invasive means of energy therapy I have ever come across, and depending on “One’s desire to Heal” then I would have no hesitation in recommending this therapy as the best I have encountered.
Thank you Dr Alex and Dr Ben.
You are both blessed.
Love and Blessings to all.


  1. we have ordered the book and we are waiting impatiently. Yes I believe there is much more beyond we can see. I am waiting and excited. Thankyou.


  2. I was very impresses with this testimony. I had been sent information about EFT about which I am sceptical and wasn’t keen to try, but after reading Guido’s expereinces, I am convinced that EFT is not an option. thank you

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