What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 1

What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 1

Question of the week blog- What belief

There were almost 200 responses to our first question of the week:

What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you?

Thank you for participating.

While there was a lot of variation, there was also a pattern to 3 main themes. These responses were the most repeated of all.

#1 response was believing that we are NOT ____ ENOUGH.

It is my experience that this is the main issue for most of us—believing a lie about our very essence.

What seems to have happened in many lives is that we were often in the presence of people who had their own pain in the spiritual-mental-emotional-physical-financial-career- etc. areas of their lives. Their pain splashed on us and got in us.

Like a summer storm cloud externalizes its energy as rain, thunder and lightning, so do we humans externalize our fears, doubts, and conflicts into human emotions and impulses, frequently in ways that are not loving.

As adults, we know that if we look into a distorted mirror we will see a distorted image, which is not a true representation of us.

As children, we don’t know that parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, and other people reflect images back to us that may be distorted due to their own beliefs and emotional states. Unfortunately, we accept those reflections as true. We use them to define ourselves based upon what we are told about ourselves. And then we act according to these faulty self-definitions, these faulty self-images.

It is no wonder we tend to reject ourselves as Not Good Enough. That energy may have been transmitted to us, near us and even by us thousands of times in early childhood.

When we realize that we may have been caught in “hail storms” but the “hail” pelting us was criticism, sarcasm, jealousy, judgmentalism, rejection, denigration, intolerance, impatience, hatred, jealousy, aggression, violence, abuse, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, and slander, we won’t be surprised that the truth of who we are and what we are has been seriously dented by these experiences.

If we judge ourselves as Not Good Enough, which is a lie, we will often externalize the anxiety of this feeling by doing more things or by adding more things.  Instead of a balanced lifestyle, we will notice our striving to Do more and to Have more.

We may notice we work more, sleep more, yell more, withdraw more, rant more, depress more, watch TV more, read more, distract more, eat more, drink more, exercise more, shop more, hoard more, spend more, scramble to earn more, etc.

The basic error of this process is that Doing more or Having more is the longest route to Being more. Being more is really an act of discovery in awareness, without moving or accumulating external objects. It is about becoming aware of the existing internal energy that enlivens us. I would say IT is us.

It is no surprise The Healing Codes can help us heal beliefs like a warm sun dispels a little path of fog. As we heal our beliefs, as we let go of these energies that we may have absorbed and which we externalize in our daily living, we start to regain a more accurate view of ourselves.

Our happiness, success, and health depend on us increasing our awareness of the truth of who/what created us and who/what we really are.

Part 2 coming soon!


  1. I think it is the belief that I’m not worth enough to be loved, to be succeed, etc

  2. The belief that would change so much for me would be to believe that God loves me. All of me, no matter what I’ve done and what choices I have made. No matter what conditions I was born in, what others think of me or say about me. I love God with all my heart and will do His will. I just wish I could get rid of the belief that I am not good enough . . . .

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