Thursday Q&A with E T Costello

Thursday Q&A with E T Costello

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  1. I’ve also experienced yawning while doing the Healing Code. At first, I thought it meant I was tired, though I didn’t feel tired. Then, I noticed how much better I felt after each yawn — as though I was exhaling stress.

    Sometimes I yawn and other times I don’t. I hope this is an indication that I’ll start seeing the changes I’m praying for.

  2. Thanks so much. I can hardly believe what you said about yawning ,Gail, because It is the same wih me. I feel the energy so strong. I had been so sick since Christmas Eve, went to the emergency room at the hospital twice,Was admitted once,had all kinds of tests, and they found nothing. We now have found that it was my medication(blood pressure). They took me off of my medication and the problems from that stopped, but other meds. they put me on caused other problems. The fear has been so great because I thought I had something serious. I read the Healing Codes book and started doing the codes. I now feel so much better and am off all meds. I feel the Codes have helped so much in healing my body, as I don’t believe all my probems were from the meds. They also helped so much with the fear.
    I feel the Healing Codes are the only hope for health and happiness, as most meds. have so many side effects. I had never really thought about stress that much, or the damage it could do to your health. I still have much to work on, I also bought the book for my son.
    Thank you so much, Mr. Costello, Gail, The Doctors, and everyone else, for all the wonderful wealth of information. I could write all night but I had better go to bed.
    Looking forward to being on the calls.


  3. Ann,
    Sounds like you are aware and sensitive to the energy moving. I have done other types of energy work and have become quite aware of energy moving, but not everyone can feel it or responds the same. I have another thing happen—I yawn uncontrollably as the energy shifts, and it has nothing to do with being tired. The more yawning, the better, because I know I am shifting and clearing old thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving me.
    I don’t believe there’s any harm in what you’re feeling. As a matter of fact, it’s probably all good. I’m a new user of the codes, but energy medicine is about as safe as it gets.

    1. Hi Gail,

      I’m so glad you mentioned the yawning. I feel the energy too, but the yawning was really making me wonder. I rarely yawn normally, and here I was suddenly yawning a lot. Also, the yawns seem to be a little different than “normal” yawns.

      I often do the codes late at night so I thought maybe the yawns were tiredness, but that didn’t feel quite right, because they came on so suddenly. I’m still pretty new to the codes so it was particularly good to read about the yawns and energy.


  4. When I do the Codes, I feel something, energy maybe, inside my head, at every code position. I have not read or heard anyone express this feeling when doing the codes. What is this, and does everyone feel it?
    Thanks fo any information.

    Ann B.
    April,06, 2011

    1. Yes, what you are feeling has been reported by many others, but not all users of the Healing Codes. Some people notice the energy in their fingertips, some in only one or two healing centers. Other people don’t notice these physical indicators at all, just more relaxed breathing or muscles. I wonder if it has something to do with a person’s physical awareness. We do know that energy flows where our attention goes and by directing our attention we are actually directing the energy flow. By practicing the Codes, we are putting attention on the physical act of pointing our fingertips while remaining quite quiet. In these cases, it is easier to notice the energy flows that we have intensified if our minds are not chattering so much.

      The best part of these physical sensations is that they are proof that you are doing something. That is reinforcing and motivational. Good for you for noticing!

  5. As much as I have been trying to properly use the Healing Code for the last two months, I still continue to have logistic problems and don’t know how the parts fit together. My greatest challenge is as follows,

    1.Once I complete the assessment tool and identify a low score to work on, such as LOVE, I cannot identify what in the area of love do I need to address in my healing code process. As much as I have reviewed the Problem Reference Chart and the truth_focus_statements and re-read the chapter 10, 11 and the section on Putting it All Together, I am not able to identify the areas in Love to address. How do you address this?

    2. Then, after one identifies specific sub-areas to address in “Love” I assume you put them in the prayer statement? I assume you then repeat the prayer statement at each of the 4 physical locations and do this process approximately 3-4 times . This I understand, however, I am having problems trying to get past #1 above.

    3. Also, where in the process does one insert a truth statement?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Max C.

    1. These are perfect questions for the Thursday Night Forums! If you are not registered as a free member, do that by following the instructions on the home page of this site – top left of the site for instructions. If you can’t attend the forum live, you will have instructions on how to e-mail your question in advance and then listen to the archived call right on your computer later.

      Hope this helps

  6. I live in Hong Kong. I am not quite fluent in English and it is not quite convenient for me to call. I would like to listen to the replay online. Yet I am an old lady don’t know much computer techniques. Can you please help me how and within what time I can listen to the replay step by step? Thank you very much.

    1. Maria – Go to the front page of this site and follow the instructions to register there. After you register and login with the username and password you choose you will go right to the Members’ area. From there you will see a link to the archives as well as how to e-mail a question to Tom Costello if you’d like for him to answer your question on the call for you to hear later.

      Hope this helps

    1. Register as a free Member on the front page of this site – there is no charge and you will have access to the archives for a limited period of time.

  7. Do you have to use the exact words to do the code as written in the book? What is the essential part?

    1. Thursday Q&A questions are answered on the Thursday call. If you are a Member you have the information on how to attend or how to ask questions if you are unable to attend. If you are not a Member yet you can register at no charge. Just look at the upper left side of the home page of this site and follow the instructions for registration.

  8. I am enjoying your “codes” concept. For me it is tying everything that I have “learned” over the past ten years since my beautiful wife died – in MY arms.

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