Thursday Open Forum Coaching – July 7

Thursday Open Forum Coaching – July 7

This will be the third week of an experiment with a new format for the Thursday Night Open Forum Coaching call with E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes coaching program.

You have the chance to listen over your computer so you don’t have to make a long distance phone call.  This format also lets you key your Healing Codes questions into a question box for Tom to answer on the call.  Of course, if you want to dial in and listen over the phone, you can still do that!

If you are a Member, you will get an e-mail with the dial in AND web ‘listen in’ information.  It is also on your Member page.

If you are not a Member, go ahead and join so you can take part in this experiment too.  Last week was the second week and it was a rousing success – MANY people listened and participated via the web – more than our first week.  Register here for free and join Tom Thursday night to ask your questions.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Remember – THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS!  Ask them on the call.  Questions asked as comments here will not be answered.  Thanks


  1. Just to say a big thank you to Thomas Costello – I called from France at the very end of this Thursday night session, and was unfortunately cut off during our conversation, the phone went down for some reason, but no worries, you had already answered my main queries, so am very pleased and will follow your kind advice ! The whole session was very informative and extremely interesting. As it’s in the middle of the night in France, I’ve only tuned in once before. If you hear of people in France who are coaching or learning the Healing Codes, it would be good to exchange. Cheers !

    1. So sorry about the phone – you know you can listen now over your computer and speakers. AND another ‘perk’ of being a free member is that you can listen to the call in the archives. Glad you got your question in before your phone cut off!

  2. Is it possible to change the starting time from 8:30 PM EST to 2 PM(like The Cutting Edge)?

  3. would like to listen to the open forum this evening.
    Was unable to get pass code
    Thank you
    Is there a rerun of yesterday’s with Dr. Alex LLoyd

    1. If you are a free Member you can find all that information on your Member page. You also get e-mail with instructions on how to listen to each call. If you are not a free Member, you can register here.

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