Thursday Open Forum Coaching – August 25

Thursday Open Forum Coaching – August 25

We are continuing with the new form (with a new twist to make the lines clearer) at for the Thursday Night Open Forum Coaching call with E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes coaching program.

This Open Forum Coaching call is at 8:30PM Eastern Time and is scheduled for 1 hour but ALWAYS lasts longer. Tom tries to answer every question!

You have the chance to listen over your computer so you don’t have to make a long distance phone call. This format also lets you key your Healing Codes questions into a question box for Tom to answer on the call. Of course, if you want to dial in and listen over the phone, you can still do that!

If you are a Member, you will get an e-mail with the dial in AND web ‘listen in’ information. It is also on your Member page.

If you are not a Member, go ahead and join so you can take part in this experiment too. More and more people are listening and participating via the web. Register here for free and join Tom Thursday night to ask your questions.

Remember, we have a new phone number! Watch for that on the Member page and in your e-mail.

Hope to see you tonight!

Remember – THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS! Ask them on the call. Questions asked as comments here will not be answered. Thanks


  1. Hello! I’m new.
    where do I need to go in order to listen to the calls on my computer on the Thursdays?
    Will you email me the link closer to the day?

    Best regards

    Eva, UK

    1. As detailed in the blog post, if you are a free member you will get e-mails with dial in and listen in information. It is also on the Member page. You will see that after you login. If you are not a free member yet, register here.

  2. Are the Archives for the Thursday Night Coaching sessions still available? I’m having trouble locating them.

    1. Yes – login to your Free Member page, scroll down to the Thursday area and you will find a link to the archives.

  3. Hi,

    First I would like to thank you for your thursday night program, it helps a lot. I have a question for the thursday night forum (hope it is the right place to ask) that is very important for me ; I am doing the code in a intensive way for 3 weeks now. I do feel the energy when I do it and I believe this can work (I am a EMDR therapist and lots of principles are similar so I believe in those techniques). Unfortunately, even if I feel the energy when I do it, I dont get any results. I notice that with some people, every techniques works (EFT, Psy-K…) and with other, nothing seems to make a difference, and I am unfortunately part of the second group!! Have you notice this also? What is the difference between those people? Even if I do everything like it is said in the book and the forum, and even put my cats in front of me to be in a more ”loving” and relax mood when I do the codes. Still no result, even with the Q-codes. I feel there is something within me keeping it from working, no matter on what I am working. Somebody told me it is because I am not connected. Is that possible? He told me he had tried those techniques for 8 years and it did not work and bang, something changed in him and everything worked afterward. I would like to have your opinion, thanks

    Marie-Eve, Montréal

    1. Please note – as indicated in every Thursday night reminder post, this is not the place to ask questions. Questions are answered on the Thursday night calls.

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