Please Join Us on Christmas

Please Join Us on Christmas

Join Us On ChristmasIf you would like a family to spend time with on Christmas Day, please join us, your Healing Codes family.

On December 25, 2012 from 1 PM to 3 PM US Eastern time (New York), Tom and Mary Ann Costello will be hosting a 2 hour interactive program.  This is the 2nd annual event focusing on “Opening Our Gifts.”

You are invited to share as you wish. You are invited to listen as you wish. You can call in by telephone, by Skype or if you login via the Internet, you can listen and type what you want to share and we will read it during the call.  We will not be pressuring you on the call, in fact just the opposite.  Our goal is to provide a loving environment to share in.

It is true that many of us had experiences that seem more like ‘coal in the stocking’ than presents under a tree. However, we do have the ability, through changes in viewpoints and beliefs, to convert the ‘coal’ into value, maybe even ‘diamonds.’

Our experiences ‘polished’ certain facets of us. Forgiving, accepting and looking deeper for the value can bring… levels of peace and joy greater than a house full of toys ever did.

If your December 25th looks like it may be spent alone, I ask you to gift us with your presence. Please reach out to us and allow us to reach out to you.  Feel free to join us even if you are NOT alone!  We all will be blessed by your presence!

Here is how to come on to the call:

Title: Christmas Day “Let’s Open Our Gifts” Teleconference
Time: Tuesday, December 25th, 2012 at 1:00pm US Eastern time (New York)
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

1. To attend through the Internet, go to:

2. Or to attend through the telephone,

Call this Phone Number: 1-(206) 402-0100

Secondary Phone Number: 1- (757) 201-9725
Key in Conference ID: 060310 #

3. Or for instructions for using Skype to connect to the call, go to:

The Replay will be ready 5 minutes after the call ends.

To listen to or download the replay, click this link:

By the way, several years ago I recorded a talk titled, “The 12 Stresses of Christmas and Other Holidays.”  Some people have found the variety of viewpoints to be helpful about how and why we feel the way we do during the holiday season.

If you are interested, you can download the presentation here:

And if you want a handout that facilitates understanding the points in this presentation, download it here:


We wish you happy, healthy holidays.

Tom and Mary Ann

And the rest of the Healing Codes family:

Alex, Ken, Ed, Cathy, Cindy, Natalia, Andy and his Customer Service team, and all of our Coaches in the US, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Japan, and Malaysia.


  1. ” Give gifts that make life more comprehensible, managable and meaningful” – what a wonderful and thorough presentation of Christmas and issues around the time.

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