Healing Codes Resistance – Is This You?

Healing Codes Resistance – Is This You?

Do you see yourself?  Many people do.  Be sure to read the comments to see what E. Thomas Costello – head of  The Healing Codes Coaching program has to say.

I am having total resistance to doing the success codes (which I kept as they seemed more in tune with what I thought I needed) but up to now have done them twice…the third day i couldn’t bring myself to do any,
and since then have been busy with work, etc.etc.etc.

The resistance comes with thoughts of “how silly”  “this can’t be any good”  “I feel like a fool”

I live alone, so no chance of anybody seeing me.  All the testimonials in the world do not help…

so my question is:

Do you have to believe in them for them to be effective?


  1. Has anybody experience any healing with Bipolar Disorder?



  2. I totally understand where the person with resistance is, when I first heard it I thought this is just too easy, to simple.. For years I have done much work on myself for healing after a divorce, in work I say this from a religious stand point, through prayer, which I still believe to be very true in my life.

    Great change has happened in my life, I even recently got married ( after being single 11 years), wrote my first book, not published but I did that much so far. For me in doing the codes, the first thing I started to work on was to BELIEVE this can be so.

    As stated on the Aware Show the first time I heard Dr Loyd he said, to say, to the best of my beliefs, I believe ” this ” to be true. I knew that was where I really needed to get myself healed. As I read more and have gotten more information from this web site, I started to see where some of my beliefs were not in line with what I wanted in life. This being something I had no clue could or might be a possibility in stopping me from going forward.

    I do believe we have to feel it, see it, celebrate it before it is even happening, the vibration has to be strong, but like many when I ask ” what would you do if you could do anything”? and most reply, I have no clue. We have to at least have a clue as to what we would want to do before success can happen or to get our excitement level to that vibrational place. Like me, I really had no clue as for years I never understood, what it was I really wanted! the change had to happen in me first.

    Even now as I continue to do the codes, certain times of the day I get a thought, and I know that is something I need to work through when I do the codes, they just come up.. and it always relates in some way back to me believing it or believing in myself. For many, we have tried it all, the “magic pill” and often got no results. Read books, listened to others who have succeeded, and we say, I CAN do this, do it for a while, get no results so we quit. very human nature, but I think it really has to do with our BELIEF and especially the belief in who we are, powerful beings and if the mind can conceive it, we WILL acheive it.

    Many have seen THE SECRET as Dr Ben was in that, for me when I seen it the first time, it was almost to easy to be true, but I started to do some of the things, baby steps and things did start to change, but it was in my “thinking” where the change occured, I like to say it got me out of the “box” thinking, thinking nothing will ever change, nothing ever worked before, but i was willing to Believe, so therefore things changed.

    This book is amazing, and some days as i do the codes, I still in the back of my mind think, is something really happening by doing this? but each day it seems something changes, even those that cross my path now, are in a place I once was and I am sharing my experiences with them from this book and telling them to at least check it out. to the best of my beliefs I believe this is and will change your life and the current circumstances your are experiencing. Up to them to choose, as that is how life is, we can choose that what we want. It’s up to us to decide, but for me I choose to believe this is going to change history, peoples lives ARE going to change and I even have the vision that world peace could come through it. If our bodies are in line with our beliefs, ANYTHING can and WILL happen.

    I hope Dr Loyd gets the Nobel Peace Price for this as I think the more it is given credit the higher the beliefs will be in people doing and believing it. that is just how our society is we need “proof”. Even tho it has been proven by science, and many with great minds, and thousands of testimonies, it still takes a bomb to get people to believe and do it. The best part, and I am not a religious person, as far as organized religion, ( most of my healing had to be done because of those wrong beliefs) this is from God!! We have thrown God out with the bath water, but I get this sense, like the bible has said, He uses those who are willing to do it, with out fear.

    Dr Loyd had such a desire for his wife and he has compassion for all mankind ( including animals) so God said, hey, this guy will do it.. and so it is. God is a God of love, we are surrounded by love~ love is all that is.. So of course he would make it simple, it is our human minds that have complicated it, and the veil is being removed.. I think your question is very legitimate and real, and I bet many reading this is saying, Yah, what they said..

    I also love the guy who said, life is good, rather using it for a insurance policy, GREAT thought. I feel I am at a pretty good place in my life also, but it has taken YEARS to get here, I only wish I would have known of this before, the time spent would have been shorter to really start living the life God had intended for all of us to do. but i like him feel the same way, life is life, and anything can happen, a little insurance never hurts.. and I know there are things still being healed in me I was not aware of. I have great dreams, just turned 50 and I tell many, the second half is going to be the very best, I’m going to live my dreams, and I do believe it to be so.

    Peace and Blessings

    1. What a beautiful comment Rhonda. I agree with the thought of using The Healing Codes as an insurance policy.

      In fact I add it to those daily “processes” that we humans do: brushing our teeth, showering, washing our hair etc. – all of those things clean the outside of us (and the teeth a tad of the inside) – The Healing Codes provide us a way for an internal cleansing – sort of a “Scrub for the Heart” and we should do it every day.

      They should become part of our “human – self care – processes” that we use to preserve ourselves. They should become second nature to us all and part of our every day routine of cleansing.
      Good luck to you and every one else reading all of this helpful chatter. May you Live to be 120 and Healthy!!!

  3. Yes, this is me, I tried to order the book even though it was not available to get this in my country and *the largest bookstore of the world team* 🙂 made it possible, to get it real soon. Thank you! There is a lot of resistance in my thoughts.
    During my life, I saw a lot of things solving and healing very soon and I still believe it is working, like many other simple ways, like meridian tapping. So, I will start to do it in a few minutes.

    Thank you Alex! Gisela

  4. I have been doing the healing codes for many months.
    My problem may sound stupid. I am nearly 80 years of age and in good health.
    I am happily married for 32 years and have a very happy family of three.
    My problem is that I have no problems and no regrets. I am always happy and very content with my life.
    However I do enjoy doing the codes as a form of insurance that my life will continue to unfold and lead to the further uncovering of my life’s purpose.

    1. Nearly 80, no problems or regrets, happy and content. GOOD FOR YOU. And doing the codes for insurance is far from stupid!! It’s a wonderful ‘policy’ and perhaps a reason that you continue to be everything you are! I’m sure with your attitude that your life will continue to unfold!

  5. The simple answer is that you have to believe in the possibility of success otherwise you won’t recognize it when it starts to show up.

    The deeper answer is that you already believe or you wouldn’t have bought the package, kept it, tried it, or written this email. You believe enough for now.

    Draw a stick figure (you) on the left side of the page of paper. Draw a box on the right side of the page. Now you have a representation of you and your success. You can write in a $ sign (if you are an American, or other symbol for money if you live elsewhere, or any other symbol of success such as a house, car, bank account balance, whatever.

    You are seeking to change your beliefs about your versions of success. You want to change your relationships with them. In your diagram and in life, there is a distance between you and your goals. In the drawing it is distance measurable using the metric or English system of centimeters or inches.

    In life, it is a vibrational distance, possibly a geographical distance, and certainly a time distance. You are seeking to harmonize with your goals so you and your goals occupy the same physical space. If my goal is to climb Mt. Everest, I will know that I achieve it PHYSICALLY when I am standing on the summit of Mt. Everest. This is the last phase of creation.

    Before I can get there physically, I will have to get there MENTALLY AND THEN EMOTIONALLY. When I can see myself at the summit, I will be harmonizing with doing all the things necessary to climb the mountain.When I love the process of climbing on the MENTAL LEVEL and then the EMOTIONAL LEVEL, I will have sped up the process so it shows up faster in the physical realm. The more we enjoy the process, the more energy flows to us and through us literally and figuratively carrying us to our goals while pulling the resources in.

    A man once said to me, “Do you know how to tell the key difference between a person who is going to be successful and one who is not?” The answer: “The successful person is willing to do things that seem foolish, possibly stupid or feel uncomfortable because they have decided to be successful. The unsuccessful person won’t do those things. They stop or quit before those things become comfortable, fun, and powerfully effectively.”


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