Countdown to the New Year

Countdown to the New Year

Start your New Year with The Healing Codes

We are counting down to 2013 with some fabulous prizes

12/22 – 2 coaching session with Johanna Chan a Certified Healing Codes Coach & on the Cutting Edge with Dr. Alex – $100 Value
12/23 –2 Healing Codes Pocket Guides – Value $60
12/24 – Healing Codes Journal – Value $75
12/25 – Power to Peace –Value – $59.95
12/26– Healing Code Book AND Healing Codes Manual on CD – Value $225
12/27 – Stress Buster – Value – $59.95
12/28 – Q Codes – Value – $99.00
12/29 – The Digital Healing Codes Program – Value $199
12/30 – The Digital Success Codes Program – Value $197
12/31 – 2 coaching sessions with Tom Costello – Head of Dr. Alex’s Coaching Program and Practitioner’s – Value $250

How do you enter?

It’s simple.

Starting on Friday, December 21 at noon Eastern,  ‘Like’  The Healing Codes Facebook page at the Countdown tab (example below)

If you already ‘Like’ us, create a post about us on your timeline that says ‘Check out The Healing Codes at  I did and______________________ ‘  (you fill in the blank) and send us the link at [email protected] in order for your post to qualify as an entry..

About the Countdown tab – you MUST enter through that tab – here is what it looks like:





If you already ‘Liked’ us and need to send e-mail and don’t know how to get the link of your FaceBook post, here is how.  Post to your profile in YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and look for the time stamp (see the red arrow below) –


Clicking on that link opens a new browser tab with your post. Copy the url in the address bar, paste it into an e-mail and send it to [email protected]

Some stuff you need to know:

  • Each ‘day’ starts at noon ET and ends at noon ET the next day.
  • Winners will be announced by 4PM on each ending day.
  • For example – day 1 starts at noon on Dec 21 and runs until noon on Dec 22.
  • The winner will be announced by 4PM on Dec 22.
  • You can only like us once but you can post on your timeline as much as you want.  Each qualified post (url of post e-mailed to [email protected]) counts as an entry.

End of stuff you need to know!

See you on Facebook!


  1. Even though I will probably never be on FB I am still recommending you to my friends.
    This is such a wonderful blessing for the planet.
    keep up the best work guys!

    1. The Healing Codes is right here – you don’t need to be on FB to take advantage of everything on this site – a LOT of it free.

  2. Countdown Tab? I’ve been using FB for a long time and I don’t have a clue where this tab could be???

    1. It’s a Facebook tab – under the banner and on the right side of your screen. See the screenshot of it in the blog post.

  3. I am not on Facebook and look forward to any other contests that I might enter. I know it seems that the whole world is on Facebook and other social media, but there are a number of us who are not, for many different reasons, but who would still benefit greatly from such contests.

    1. This is the first contest – only. There will be more and probably not all of them will be on Facebook!

  4. i wish everybody could try the healing codes, eventhough I do not get anything back. People need life tools, and this is a wonderful tool to clean the past that botter us. thanks and my deepest gratitud to Dr. Loyd. Laura Garcia

    1. You are not registered with this e-mail address. You should be able to use it to register since it is not in the database.

  5. Still haven’t found the tab to enter through, even when I followed the link you cited in response to my earlier question. But I’m getting your posts on my FB page. I posted the”check out ..” On my page and now can’t figure out how to send the link to you. Arrrrgggghhhh! Frustrating! I need a code for this!! 🙂

  6. I was excited to see your countdown contest until I read it is only on FB. I don’t use FB…any chance you will be doing anything for the folks that don’t participate in the FB craze?

    1. As said before – this is the first contest and FaceBook was chosen. It is not the last contest and will certainly explore other ways to do them.

  7. I went to your FB page and ‘liked’ it but I didn’t find the countdown to 2013 tab to enter through. What am I missing?

    1. They are posted on The Healing Codes Facebook page and are being notified by e-mail

  8. This past year has been so pain &suffering all around the world. Its time to have peace & happy beginnings to all around the world.

  9. Oh well, I don’t have Facebook and don’t have any plans to get it. Only a few win anyway :^)

    1. Yes – this is a Facebook contest only but there will be more, perhaps not on Facebook. And 1 person wins every day for 10 days.

  10. I followed the directions and “Liked You” on Facebook, but there was no spot available to go in and enter the contest. I’ve now lost the ability to do it this way since I’ve already “Liked You”. Any suggestions?

    1. Read the blog post and follow the instructions – if you already ‘liked’ The Healing Codes there is an alternative way to enter.

  11. I am so thankful for this contest. I honestly can say I truly need this since I am very very sick. That is why I am sooooo thankful that you are helping ones in need with this contest. I hope I did it correctly, I did try hard to do it right. Thank you again… smiles… Elizabeth

  12. It is so wonder that I dont have any words to define how i have been feeling.
    Love and best wishes

    1. You are not being directed to do anything. This is a contest on Facebook. If you choose not to be on Facebook that is fine – you don’t HAVE to use Facebook.

    1. Others are signing up through the Countdown button with success. What do you mean it didn’t go through? Did you get an error message?

    2. One more thing – you can only Like the page once. So if you already ‘liked’ it you’ll need to use the alternate – post to your timeline and send the link in an e-mail. Details are in the post.

      1. For this contest – yes. It is a Facebook contest. There will be others – perhaps not on Facebook.

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