Assessment Implications

Assessment Implications

What Does The Heart Issues Finder
Assessment Mean for Me?

It indicates established behavioral patterns

When you review the results of The Heart Issues Finder assessment, you may see patterns that show you have an issue in a particular area or are using a strategy that does not serve you.

For example:  Harmful Actions category, if scored in the low or negative ranges, will tell you that you do things that are ineffective or unhealthy to reduce anxiety and painful emotions either sometimes or often.

It is common to do things or take action that in the short term may provide some relief from the emotions of the moment.  However, if these actions are indeed Harmful Actions, the long term results can be devastating, emotionally and physically, to the family and financially.

There is usually a motive or need associated with this behavior that is misguided by a wrong belief about yourself or the world around you.

This insight—wrong beliefs are the cause of our difficulties— is your opportunity for growth and greater satisfaction, and can ultimately allow you to work on the very thing that will lead to the change that is necessary for your emotional and physical well being.

How we developed our strategies that led to these behaviors

The thoughts, emotions and behaviors we use, the effective ones as well as the ineffective ones, are based on our beliefs.  But many beliefs were formed in a different time, place, and circumstances may no longer be appropriate for today’s time, place, and circumstances.

Much of our stress comes from using inappropriate rules and beliefs, feeling ineffective that we are not successful and then feeling frustrated and angry at the results.

Creating New Beliefs with The Healing Codes

The Healing Codes work to heal, change and upgrade those beliefs, no matter when they were formed, so that we are now functioning fully in the present using present time information. This is true of the conscious memories as well as the subconscious.

Learn more about The Healing Codes by reading below:

The Healing Codes Program comes in three versions for you to choose from:

1. Our flagship product is the regular Healing Codes Package – for people who have a need to get involved with a deep healing experience led by a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner.  The package includes:

The Healing Codes Manual, the Pocket Guide, a Journal to record your progress on this journey and keep notes from your personal coaching sessions, an Introductory DVD featuring Dr. Alex Loyd explaining how to do the Healing Codes, a set of audio CDs that walk you through doing the 12 days of the Healing Codes, 8 personal one-on-one sessions with a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner who will tune into your energy and develop custom Codes for you.  This is a truly robust package aimed at either the person with serious healing intentions or a strong interest to see if The Healing Codes are for them.

2. The Healing Codes Streamlined Package is just that.  It is an abbreviated version of the regular Package.  It is aimed at self-motivated people who are not necessarily computer wizards, who like a hard copy of the Manual to work with and who are comfortable with email coaching in lieu of one-on-one personal coaching.

The package includes the same Healing Codes Manual as above, the same Pocket Guide and the same Introductory DVD.  It offers 4 pre-recorded downloadable coaching calls as MP3 audios as well as access to 12 other recorded coaching calls where past clients have asked questions and received answers to those questions.  It also includes email coaching for two months after your purchase.

3. The Healing Codes Digital Package is a downloadable version of our Streamlined Package – with a few changes.  It is aimed at self-motivated people who are computer literate and who can handle downloads and internet access with ease.

It contains the full text of The Healing Codes Manual, as above,  internet-viewable Introductory videos  in lieu of a DVD, a PDF of portable Codes for you to use when you are on the go, access to 4 pre-recorded, downloadable coaching calls, an FAQ section and a PDF of Helpful Hints for doing the Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes Guarantee

Here at the Healing Codes, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of our products. We unconditionally guarantee The Healing Codes for ONE FULL YEAR. If you do not believe you have received benefit, just return the physical products in RESELLABLE CONDITION within 365 days and we will refund you the purchase price of the product.  Please note – Refund amounts are less shipping and handling