Right now your life—or the life of someone very dear to you—could be in real danger…

Internet Marketing Guru Alex Mandossian interviews Dr. Alex Loyd & Dr. Ben Johnson (the only medical doctor on The Secret) about The Healing Codes.

Listen also to three individuals share how they overcame the trauma of rape, a severe case of arthritis, and limited finances.

By applying The Healing Codes each overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live lives of complete fulfillment!

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“Each day thousands of people fall victim

to false findings, risky drugs and

needless surgery”

If you are frustrated by doctors, tired of needlessly popping pills, and still suffering, don’t miss a single word in this letter. Your suffering is about to end.

From the desk of Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD. N.D.

Dear Friend,

When you’re finished reading this letter you will have a simple, scientifically proven, step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve optimum health, healing and wellness in your life—and it’s easier than you think.


There is new hope for you and your loved ones. People just like you are enjoying a healthier life thanks to The Healing Codes being applied to their lives. Below you’ll read story after true story of people who thought they had no hope—no real alternative to the Medical Establishment’s deadly regimen of toxic drugs and risky surgery—until they applied The Healing Codes to their lives.

Of course The Healing Codes cost a mere fraction of the expensive medical procedures offered by the Medical Establishment. And what’s more, there are no health risks with The Healing Codes, they have proven to be 100% safe and effective.

Best of all, The Healing Codes work. But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself the true first-hand accounts of real people—like you—who are now enjoying a new life of health and happiness because of The Healing Codes.

The astonishing but true story of…

“Tracey’s Spiral of Depression”

I want to share a story with you… this is a story about a young woman and her husband who started life together believing they were going to have that “happily ever after” kind of a marriage… well, it ended up being anything but “happily ever after.”

In less than three years they wanted a divorce. Life for them was almost unbearable. However, not wanting to throw in the towel just yet, they sought out help, and after seeing three doctors the woman was diagnosed as having severe depression.

It was a “good news——bad news” situation… the bad news was that she had this probably all of her life, the good news was that it could be managed with medication. At least that’s what they said!


She tried the anti-depressants but as with most “treat the symptom not the cause” medicines, the side effects were worse than the benefits. This went on for more than 12 years of searching for something to ease her depression and get rid of the medication all the while Tracey began a downward spiral into deep depression.

That 12 year search ended with me giving her The Healing Codes. After she applied them to her life, as unbelievable as it may seem… her depression was gone within 45 minutes and has NEVER returned!

The reason I am telling you this story is that not all stories like this have a “happy ending.” The tragedy is that too many individuals just like you are suffering needlessly every day giving their health over to “professionals” who don’t really have it in their best interest for you to be well.


Much too often “Establishment Medicine” just doesn’t work. Look at their track record for curing chronic illness… it stinks.

Think of your friends you’ve lost to cancer, heart disease, and lung conditions.

“In 2004 I had a foot problem that was causing me great pain. Each time I took a step, the heel on one of my feet hurt with a sharp shooting pain. Doctors could not seem to help me and for six months I lived with this chronic condition. The pain progressively got worse.I was introduced to Dr. Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes and decided to see if his program would help. Three days later the pain in my foot was completely gone and has never come back. The Healing Codes is very easy to use. I particularly like that you don’t have to depend on anybody else. You can heal yourself. I have known many people who have used this with similar success.” ~ Joe Sugarman (The BluBlocker Sunglasses Man)

Think of friends struggling daily with the ravages of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, excess weight, arthritis, osteoporosis, severe allergies, or a host of autoimmune diseases.

Despite decades of “billion dollar” research, Establishment Medicine and their partners, the big pharmaceutical firms, have failed miserably in stopping these chronic maladies.

Their approach to medicine is so horribly, horribly flawed. Rather than enabling sick bodies to do what God designed them to do (get well on their own), they have, more often than not, turned their attention to stopping symptoms… by blasting them to smithereens.

By turning their big guns (usually drugs) on symptoms instead of finding out how to cooperate with the body’s healing process, they have chosen, to go about things the hard way.


Those in the medical community would have you believe otherwise. They have always told us it was “normal” to get sick. They even blamed “natural causes” when people died of heart disease, a stroke or cancer.

Suicidal depression had forced my family to make major changes out of their fear for my well-being. I had no energy, no desire for life, and everything seemed like a mountainous chore. My husband is an M.D. but he was at his wits end – we had tried everything. I was very skeptical when I heard about The Healing Codes, but I was more desperate.In less than two weeks my depression was completely gone. No only could I not believe it, no one around me could either. The Healing Codes has truly been a gift from God.” ~ Mary
But now we are finding out there are many things we can do to not only avoid illness, but actually reverse it! Your body is designed to heal itself naturally and then keep you healthy—IF you know how to do it.



For the first time ever, you get to choose how well you’ll feel; today, tomorrow, even 10 or 20 years down the road. You have a say in how long you’ll live, and how healthy you’ll be in your later years.

In short, YOU have become the most powerful factor in your own health care. You and you alone get to decide how healthy you’ll be.

The astonishing but true story of…

“Medical Doctor Fights for Life”

I want to share another true story that highlights what I find frequently and that is people coming to The Healing Codes because it is often times “their last hope” for healing.
This story centers on a well-known medical doctor who was in a very life-threatening situation and he was in desperate need.

You see, he was a practicing MD, DO (Osteopath), and NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) running an alternative cancer clinic in Atlanta, Georgia when he kept having a series of symptoms.

Initially he saw a physician who had operated on his neck several years before… That physician diagnosed the Doctor as having Lou Gehrig’s disease. He then went and got a second opinion and the diagnosis was the same… ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

He knew right there he was in serious trouble. And despite all of the medical credentials in having three earned doctoral degrees he could not solve his medical dilemma.

He began searching across the globe for a cure and ended up attending a seminar where he heard about The Healing Codes and realized it was scientifically sound.

At that time he began applying The Healing Codes to his life and within weeks his ALS symptoms had gone away. And to this very day (4 years later he remains completely symptom free.

In fact, some of you many even know of him… Dr. Ben Johnson, the only medical doctor featured in the bestselling DVD The Secret.

Let me ask you… How would you feel if you could live your life everyday pain free… stress free… anxiety free?

How would you feel if you could regain your health and take it back from being held hostage by the traditional medical establishment?

I have worked with The Healing Codes techniques for three years now and have seen RADICAL changes in my boy, my heart and my mind. I started the work because of chronic illness. My symptoms included chronic fatigue, vaginitis, chronic bladder infections, and severe pain with periods, hypothyroidism and depression.After the first session I was amazed at how changed I felt! Now I feel like a different person. I no longer struggle with food addiction issues, I’m not depressed and I have an overall sense of well-being which is profound. I’m so grateful to Dr. Alex for his vision and for this work. It really works.” ~ Trish

Think about how much your life could change… I’m here to tell you it can change and I’m going to show you how it can.


You know, like most folks, when I’m riding in an airplane, I usually read, listen to music, maybe just doze off. But, not this time. This time, something very special happened to me, that changed my life forever, and that’s exactly what it can do for you.

You see for twelve very long, and hard years my dear wife Tracey (who you read about earlier), had been suffering from a severe clinical depression. We went to every specialist, and tried every known remedy, but nothing lasted.

Tracey’s depression put me on a career path change in an attempt to become a health-care professional at dealing with depression.

“I was one of the most successful in the United States in my field until I developed severe symptoms and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. After two years I was mostly bedfast, in constant pain, on 17 medications and without hope.After doing The Healing Codes for 6 months, I am: off all medications, am totally free of an incurable disease, feel better than I did before I was diagnosed, and am working again. In short, I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!” ~ Patty

I even spent five years in graduate school studying psychology earning my PhD and an additional four years studying naturopathic medicine earning my N.D., in hopes of finding or creating a new solution for clinical depression.

While I was well equipped with numerous techniques, even those techniques when applied were only temporary. This was frustrating for me because most problems came back again and again. The results for my wife were short-lived.


However, on this particular plane ride home, all that was about to change. And, what happened next, can only be described as miraculous. Because, all at once, there it wasthe actual blueprint for the solution for my wife’s clinical depression. To anyone’s clinical depression.

“I had been having chest pains and pain down my arm that had worsened over a several month period. I am middle aged and weigh a few more pounds that I would like – I was sure I had a heart problem. After doing The Healing Codes for about 10 days, all of the pain went away. The thing that impressed me about this system is that it not only heals but seems to do it permanently. Almost two years later I still have no discomfort.” ~David

 After all the searching, struggling, studying, hoping and praying, at last I had discovered the solution. I rushed home from the airport, and immediately began applying, this new technique together with my wife. And finally, her clinical depression was gone—completely and totallygone.

My wife was then totally, and permanently free, of the devastating effects of the clinical depression that had plagued her for twelve long years. I then began using this “blueprint” with the clients I had in my private practice. And, I would soon discover, that this blueprint could be used, to create a pathway for the body to “heal itself from any illness.”

And now you can discover how…

To Super Charge your immune system.

How The Healing Codes has worked for pets, children, friends, and families.

To Help your body heal itself.  

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD cheated death and recovered from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

To Eliminate ALL your pain, stress, fear, depression and disease.

Others are restoring their health while healing their lives, happiness, relationships and finances.



  • Many of the greatest scientific minds who had ever lived predicted, based on their research, that some day all medicine would be based on controlling energy in the body.


  • Everything at its root is an energy frequency and that illness and disease can be traced to an unhealthy energy frequency.


  • If you can change the unhealthy frequency to a healthy one, the illness or disease would go away without drugs, surgery, counseling, or even effort.


  • Many ways to change “unhealthy” frequencies to “healthy” frequencies had already been discovered and validated, one was so powerful it literally had a healing effect on human DNA.


These four insights held great promise.

I soon began to realize there were two parts to my discovery, the “Theory” being one part and the “Application” being the other one.

  • The Theory – There is one source of all health and illness.
  • The Application – There is a previously undiscovered mechanism in the body which, if activated, can address problems as that source.
Some Factors To Consider…Stress Kills: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Stanford University Medical School, and numerous health experts, the number one killer on the planet is STRESS! Up to 95% of all physical and nonphysical health problems have stress as their origin. Every time we have a health problem we should be asking, “What stress is causing this, and how can I eliminate it?”Wrong Beliefs Cause Stress: According to research at Stanford University by Dr. Bruce Lipton stress originates from wrong beliefs we hold about our circumstances and ourselves. These wrong beliefs cause us to misinterpret our circumstances as threatening, which creates internal stress.

The Real Problem:The destructive internal images broadcast a fear signal all over the body, sending the nervous system into a state of fight or flight. This state is synonymous with stress. Over time the fight or flight syndrome will lead to illness and disease.

For the next year my focus was on observing and monitoring the results with my clients as I integrated the new discoveries into my everyday practice.

As it turned out, my clients not only consistently healed the spiritual, and emotional issues we were targeting, but surprisingly, many also saw the disappearance of physiological disorders we had not even discussed!



Now you may be saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal? That’s not so radical! We’ve all heard about stress related illness for years. ” And, you would be absolutely right. However… what is radical, what is truly a “big deal” is this: Stress does NOT come from outside sources!!! You read that right. Stress does not come from things like:

  • Jobs we hate
  • Stacks of unpaid bills
  • Messy relationships
  • Pain in the neck relatives


Because of these false beliefs and misinterpretations, you then view your life, your personal circumstances and the world around you, as being dangerous and threatening to you.


And, when you feel threatened, the cells in your body are then constantly forced into a stress filled “defensive mode” as opposed to a normal, healthy “growth mode.”

When that continually happensday in and day outyour body become so stressed, that it begins to break down, and you are no longer able to repair yourself.



Basically the emergency shuts down a lot of your body’s natural functions.

When you are faced with a saber tooth tiger, your digestive system can be put on hold for a bit. Your immune system uses an immense amount of energy. Your


I’m so sure The Healing Codes will have a dramatic effect on your health and well-being… that I’m offering the following unconditional guarantee… If you’re unsatisfied with the results you are getting with The Healing Codes for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason at all, simply tell me within 365 days and I’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund, less shipping and handling.
I know The Healing Codes is radically different than most any other alternative healing practice out there.


And, because of that, I’m willing to take all the risk by giving you the opportunity to get started with The Healing Codes in your own hands with this extremely fair offer.

Then you have ONE FULL YEAR to put The Healing Codes to the test. If you are not TOTALLY satisfied for any reason, then return the materials within 365 days of ordering, and I’ll gladly issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

AND,we are going to give you TWO payment options.

Payment Option One: Pay $399.99 plus shipping & handling.

Payment Option Two: First payment $133.33 plus shipping & handling and then 30 days later, Second payment $150, 30 days later, Third payment of $150.



YES Dr. Alex! Send me my “Healing Codes” package

  • I understand that once my order is authorized over the secure server, you will process my order promptly to ship to me. I am providing a street shipping address.
  • I understand I will learn specific techniques from my training program I can use in less than nine minutes a day from the comfort of my bed, my favorite chair or wherever I happen to be. (For extremely stressful circumstances, it is probably advisable to invest more time in shedding your stress more rapidly.)
  • I understand this is a very limited time and quantity offer!
  • I also understand you are offering me a ONE YEAR money back guarantee because you want me to use and test this technology thoroughly. I promise to do my part and use my Codes.

I understand I should receive my package within 7-10 business days.

SINGLE PAY OPTION – One Payment $399.99

THREE PAY OPTION – One @ $133.33
Two @ $150

(Your Reservation Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers.)

I know The Healing Codes is radically different than anything you’ve probably tried before. But as this letter ends I want to leave you with one thought…

Just imagine what your life can be like if you got The Healing Codes and began experiencing results like others are having. Look at is this way, with every passing minute you don’t take action, you’ll be in the same stress filled life day-after-day, and I don’t want that for anyone.

You owe it to yourself to discover the secret of The Healing Codes and how to achieve the level of health and healing you so deserve.

To Your Health and Healing,

Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD

P.S. You don’t really have to order now, but please read this testimonial before you go…

“I had a melanoma (cancer) come up on my upper thigh. I called Dr. Loyd and told him that I would either be healed by doing The Healing Codes, or I would die. I was not willing to go through chemo. While doing the Codes my melanoma got consistently smaller until it finally fell off – after only 6 weeks. I AM ALIVE AND WELL!” ~ Lorea

P.P.S. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current level of health and wellness then you deserve and need The Healing Codes NOW. And with my ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee you have the perfect opportunity to experience and use the information with absolutely no risk.



SINGLE PAY OPTION – One Payment $399.99

THREE PAY OPTION – One @ $133.33
Two @ $150


“I’ve had scoliosis since I was seven, and I wore a body cast for about five years. By the time I hit my 20’s, I was in chronic pain. Over the years, I’ve done chiropractic work, yoga, bodywork, supplements, and the list goes on. It was always very momentary relief. After applying The Healing Codes from the first time I did it, I felt dramatic results. First I felt deep relaxation and a sense of peace. All my body pain was gone, and I felt much lighter and more calm, focused and fluid in my body movements. It’s been 30 years that I’ve had this pain, and now I’m free of it. I’m ready to enjoy life.” ~David“I come from the medical profession. I retired my license, but I’m always looking for new avenues and ways of healing. I had a problem with anxiety and panic attacks and had to take medication. It totally immobilized my life for a few years. I stayed locked in the house and didn’t go anywhere, so I was always searching for another way besides medication.After using The Healing Codes for a few weeks, I would feel the panic and anxiety leaving me. I would have more peace and gentleness. I would be slower in walking and talking and not throwing things around.

This whole process is life-changing, and it didn’t take that long. I have to tell the whole world somehow! I tell everybody about it. I want them to purchase the package. Give it a try. You have a money-back guarantee… just try it. Because it will work. It will work! ~ Patricia


No questions asked and no hard feelings.

This is the most profound body of knowledge I have ever experienced. Anyone serious about being their best will want to be touched by this experience. Knowing Dr. Loyd is like being with Einstein before Einstein was known as Einstein.”~ Bill McGrane, President, McGrane Institute

Survival Mechanisms will pull the energy from your immune system to have it available if you are running from lions, tigers and bears. And your immune system shuts down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always restore itself fully. So it’s nibbled away.  

Your brain uses a great deal of your body’s resources and it will lose a lot of its abilities until the emergency passes. Your brain dims down to almost true stupidity levels when you are under stress. Can you think of a time when you did or said something truly stupid? You were operating on diminished capacity because of stress.

Are you ready for a way to reduce the ridiculous negative impacts Stress has on your life?  


Under stress cells don’t take in proper amounts of oxygen, water or nutrients. They don’t release wastes and toxins. They don’t communicate with other nearby cells to help keep you healthy.

However, by using The Healing Codes, you are able to correct these false beliefs, and misinterpretations. When YOU do that, you stop viewing all your circumstances as threatening.


You then stop creating the constant stress within your body. Which allows your cells to move out of their defensive mode and into their growth mode.


Your immune system then becomes “supercharged” and you rid yourself of illnesses, and protect yourself from creating new ones.

Your body is the world’s most perfect healing machine, when your cells are not forced into a defensive position, brought on by stress.

Unlike traditional medicine, The Healing Codes gets to the heart of the matter and has been shown to address the real cause of sickness and disease at the cellular level… where disease, illness, and sickness actually starts.

The Dallas Morning News, September 12, 2004

“Medical School Breakthrough”

“Throughout the natural world scientists are finding that cells and organisms record their experiences all without the benefit of a brain. Scientists believe these cellular memories might mean the difference between a healthy life and death.

Cancer can be a result of a bad cellular memory replacing good ones. Psychological trauma, addiction and depression may all be furthered by abnormal memories inside cells. Diseases that turn up later in life may be due to errant memories programmed into the cells.

Even real memory, the kind that requires a brain, seems to rely on memories locked in the cells. Now scientists are striving to understand how cells acquire these memories and perhaps treat disease at its root by adjusting them.”

Based on the RESULTS OF their research, a team from the prestigious Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas is saying they believe the root of illness and disease are these destructive cellular memories.

The article goes on to conclude:

“This may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness said Dr. Eric Nestler, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. For many diseases, treatments today aren’t much better than Band-Aids.

They address a disease organism, but not its cause. Harnessing this knowledge offers the potential of really correcting the abnormality.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former Stanford Medical School Research Cellular Biologist says in his New York Times best selling book “The Biology of Belief,” that the stress that causes more than 95% of all illness and disease is caused by a wrong belief. That wrong belief is an interpretation of destructive cellular memories.

“As breath is the substance of life, stress is the substance of death. It brings about death little by little. The Healing Codes brings quantum change in the stress paradigm. It changes stress in a matter of minutes in a scientifically provable and reproducible way, thus eliminating the cause of illness and disease in the body. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!” ~ Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D.

So these memories give off destructive energy signals of fear, anger, low self worth, depression, sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, irritation, resentment, bitterness, you name it. There are hundreds of wrong beliefs that are interpretations of our cellular memories and our experiences.

If you can heal those destructive memories or beliefs then the destructive energy signal is no longer sent. The immune system pops up and starts to heal whatever needs to be healed and the cells are open. That’s how this works. That’s why these cellular memories are the key.

By the way, the research is coming out almost faster than we can keep up with it. There are so many sources that are saying similar things to Southwestern Medical School and Dr. Lipton about these unconscious or sub-conscious memories, wrong beliefs, as being the very source of illness and disease.

Did you get that?

STRESS is physiologically where our problems come from, it is the SOURCE! And with The Healing Codes you have a very, very simple technique you can use to heal that source!

If every problem comes from one source, that means you can just do that one thing and no matter what your issues are, they will heal. What a great thing!

5 Ways You’ll Benefit When You Use The Healing Codes

You’ll take charge of your health—and feel younger and healthier than ever before. If you have nagging health problems that have been bothering you for years… or if you just simply feel sluggish or “out of whack,” I’ll show you how to treat yourself safely and effectively. I’ll show you how to go beyond the symptoms your doctor wants to treat to discover the root cause of whatever’s ailing you.

You’ll go beyond the same old tired health advice. Because a large percentage of those who use The Healing Codes are “hopeless causes” who have tried everything under the sun, you’ll find The Healing Codes refreshingly different.

Targeted Solutions – The specific targeting The Healing Codes provides are the destructive, unhealed memories. These are the source of stress… when you remove the destructive memory pictures in the heart and subsequently remove the stress from the body, the neuro-immune system can then heal just about anything on its own.

Lower Health Care Costs – A recent study published in the Wall Street Journal stated that the money spent on health care in the United States has exceeded 15% of our Gross National Product. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta estimate that 80% of all health care dollars are spent on illnesses related to stress. When you are able to reduce the stress and heal the origin of the health problem, you reduce and in some cases eliminate all related health care costs.

No False Findings, Risky Drugs and Needless Surgery – In many cases your doctor is just “flying by the seat of his pants” when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Why subject yourself to those when a better option is available through The Healing Codes.

That’s about 15 – 30 minutes a day, to be free of pain, stress, worry and disease!

Plus, you can use the Healing Codes, as additional support, to any other approach you want to take. Even if that approach includes more conventional therapies, such as: surgery, medication, diet, exercise, nutrition etc.

The Healing Codes program is also appropriate for you, whether you already have health insurance or not, because…

If you DO HAVE health insurance, you can gain both, the Added Protection and the Additional Options, that you never had access to before.

And, Remember, you can always use the Healing Codes in conjunction with other approaches. So, now, there’s no need to limit your resources.

Plus, if you DO NOT have health insurance, then this is a way to finally take “your own health” into your own hands.

Please don’t forget – the body is the world’s most perfect healing machine – once you allow it to function without stress.

Therefore, just because you don’t have health insurance right now, doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be left out in the cold. Either way, you can now use the Healing Codes to harness your body’s potential to create your own perfect health.

In addition to all of the above:

Health Insurance programs can be very expensive.
You can be denied certain coverage, for certain illnesses.
Your insurance can be cancelled, sometimes without warning.
Your rights to privacy can and often are violated, and.

In the U.S. alone, the average cost of health insurance, for just one year, is 10 times higher than the total cost of the Healing Codes program.

This Healing Codes package contains the following:

  • The Healing Codes Manual (Over 150+ pages of packed information and 24 codes)

  •  Pocket Guide (Your Healing Codes on the go)

  • Introductory DVD (Showing you how to do the Codes)

  •  4 pre-recorded downloadable coaching MP3 audios (Produced by our head of coaching Tom Costello)

  • 12 other recorded coaching calls where past clients have asked questions and received answers to those questions.

  • Email coaching for two months after your purchase.

PLUS,this comes with our complete 100% satisfaction ONE YEAR money back guarantee!


Here’s My Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee