Healing Codes Package

Healing Codes Package

Heal your disease by reconnecting with your inner self, mind and spirit. Learn 5 ways you can heal mysterious ailments by tapping into your body’s innate healing system…

“How To Turn On The Greatest Healing System In The

World… And You Were Born With It… From The

Comfort Of Your Bed”

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Discover how thousands of people, including doctors, are healing disease spontaneously and WITHOUT modern medicine.

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Why Isn’t Christopher Ryan Age 13 Dead?

Christopher Ryan has been a miracle child since his diagnosis with Leukemia at 7 months of age.

He should have died so many times. He lived through experimental procedures where the others weren’t so blessed.

He had to take growth hormone shots to counteract the negative impact of chemo and other therapies on a growing child. And yet he remained small for his age.

Where is hope?

Are you ready to conquer disease naturally, using methods that will boost traditional medicine or proceed without it? Then you have finally reached the right place to start your journey and start understanding how to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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**Print this page. Make notes. Learn more about what you are capable of. If you prefer audio – play the teleseminar in any of the boxes now. Then click on the link in the box to claim your own Healing Codes Package.)

Discover the cause of 80 to 95 percent of all diseases, according to the CDC and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and the natural ways you can combat them.

Find out how Dr. Ben Johnson MD, cheated death and recovered from Lou Gehrig’s disease in a way no one expected.

Learn how you can turn on healing for your pets, children and family suffering from disease simply and easily.

Discover how others are restoring their health while healing their lives, regaining their happiness and restoring their relationships.

• Discover resources dedicated to discovering new ways to improve your life, your health and happiness… the Healing Code Way

What Happened to Dr. Ben’s Lou Gehrig’s Disease?

As you read this page, you will start to feel more and more confident about your body’s ability to heal itself when offered the right tools… and the willingness to use them. Take the case of Dr. Ben….

Dr Ben had been in a car accident and undergone surgery on his neck.He experienced strange symptoms for about a year afterward.

He decided they might be connected to something other than his car accident.

The diagnosis from his Doctor was Lou Gehrig’s Disease, confirmed by lab tests.He went to another Doctor and received the same diagnosis. Lou Gehrig’s is fatal for 50% within 18 months of diagnosis, 80% within 5 years, and 99.99% within10 years as the body steadily loses function.

At the time or Dr. Ben’s diagnosis, there were no known cures or treatments that provided any significant benefits…Where do you go?

Lorrie Rivers, Age 24, Collapsed.
Imagine what it would be like if you were carrying out your daily tasks, when suddenly you collapsed… Lorrie Rivers did.

In 1996, Lorrie was 24 years old when she collapsed on a film set working as a production assistant. It hadn’t happened before, she figured she would be up and around in a few days.

What would you think when you didn’t have the energy to get out of bed most days?

It’s a year later, and if you fall on the floor, someone has to help you get up.

Is your life over?

Not yet…

What If There Was A Simple Solution To Most Ailments…From A Simple Cold To Lou Gehrig’s?

Impossible? You decide.

You probably know, we are not physical.

We are frequencies experiencing a world that appears solid.

Now, even though most of us can hear, “Everything is frequency”, most of us have a very difficult time wrapping our mind around that view of the universe. Think about it. If you flip a light switch, you make light. If you stub your toe, you make pain. You experience these events more easily than you understand the direct science behind them, right?

It’s simple however, to translate those experiences into how your body has the ability to heal itself naturally. The fact that we sense things is our first key. The world is not solid. It is governed by electricity and frequencies. Among these is stress.

Stress has a negative impact on our body.

Stress Activates Germs, Viruses and Defective Genetic Patterns

What does stress do to your body? Stress suppresses your body’s natural ability to heal. When you are under too much stress, you get a cold when others didn’t. Stress slows or stops the healing process.

That’s how an important concept arose in the field of natural medicine.

The Key to the Success for any Disease is Stress

Stress Strengthens Germs, Viruses & Bacteria.

Without Stress, any ailment is missing a key catalyst required to overwhelm your immune system.

Sickness needs Stress.

With Stress, every disease and disorder on the planet is just waiting its turn in line to make you sick, tired, unhappy and old before your time. They have their “stress-created” ticket. And several may get onboard at one time.If you can conquer stress, your immune system can overcome almost anything.

Here is a little secret you may not know, and a great tool for combating stress:

You were born with the greatest Healing Tool on the planet.

Not all of the money of all the drug pushing pharmaceutical cartels can duplicate the performance of the Healing System you were born with.

Stress is the source of disease, depression and unhappiness!

According to the Center for Disease Control In Atlanta, Stress Causes Over 80 Percent Of All Disease!

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, suggests stress is the source for over 95 percent of all disease related ailments. So it makes sense if you want to improve your life, your one focus should be:


The Healing Codes is a tool, you can use from the comfort of your bed, to flip the switch that alters your stress frequencies.

Try the Healing Codes Now

Christopher Ryan Remember Christopher Ryan? Christopher Ryan started throwing up. He had acid reflux so bad he had problems sleeping. His mother prayed and scheduled another appointment for Christopher at St Jude’s Hospital.

We’ll tell you the rest of the story below.

Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD

His symptoms got so bad, it looked like there were worms crawling underneath his skin.

The Doctor next door to his offices was running as test program to treat Lou Gehrig’s with stem cells. The FDA shut it down because of lack of positive results.

Dr. Ben Johnson could find no help or hope for his steadily progressing disease.

Where do people go when they run out of hope and out of choices?

Lorrie Rivers

Remember Lorrie Rivers? The young woman suffering from chronic fatigue?

What would you think if you didn’t have the energy to stay out of bed 3 years later?

What if the trip from upstairs to downstairs was too much for you to make most days?

You can change your health, if you start changing the way you think about disease. How do you do that? It’s easy and You Can’t Change Your Health Until You Change Your Mind

We’re talking about change at unconscious levels.You may have memories you have suppressed, inherited or which don’t seem important.How do you change stress creating memories and their frequencies if you don’t even know they are there?

According to research, attempting to change the unconscious with the conscious is a feat doomed to failure more than to success.

And you don’t even need the research. You have tried unsuccessfully before to make change… Or you wouldn’t be on this page.

The Healing Codes helps create change at the levels change has to happen…


Everything is frequency.

In order to cancel one frequency you match it with it’s equal opposite. That’s Physics 101.

Your body is a frequency generator. By linking your mind to your body’s natural frequency generating abilities, you can send a counter signal to negative memories. You can counteract the negative impacting frequencies without having to discover, review or relive the negative memory.

You can have an infinite number of memories.

But there are limited negative emotions that can be attached to those memories.

By working our way through positive opposites, we can cancel the broadcast of negative frequencies.

When your mind thinks fear thoughts, you send fear frequencies. These negative frequencies can be countered by using a coded sequence linking your best self to your body’s natural frequency broadcasting abilities.

Ben’s daughter learned to use The Healing Codes by herself at seven years of age. You can do it too.

Own this technology for yourself, your family and friends. Listen now:

For your convenience, this teleseminar audios are broken into four segments of 15 to 20 minutes each.

Track 1

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Track 2

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Track 3

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Track 4

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Christopher Ryan
Let’s learn about Christopher Ryan from his mother:

Christopher’s Mother, Melissa Ryan:

Christopher Ryan

‘My son Christopher was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of seven months. Now, as a young parent, I didn’t know what leukemia was and I did not know that it was cancer. I was soon to find that out…

(You will read Christopher Ryan’s complete story in your Healing Codes Manual along with 100+ other testimonials. We now jump forward through 11 years of experimental treatments, surgeries, chemo and radiation as new problems arise for this brave young man.)

“So fast-forward a few years and Christopher is doing great medically. He has a few little problems. He has some thyroid problems. He’s starting to have some growth problems. He has some behavioral problems. We’re not real concerned.

We’re very happy that he is doing great. He’s progressing. He doesn’t have cancer. You know, once you’ve had cancer everything else pales in comparison to that.

A couple more years went by and things in his body started breaking down.

“Last year, in August of 2003 we had gone to St. Jude’s for a six month’s checkup, but they called me the day I got home and said, “You need to come back.”

I said, “Well, I’m not coming back…I was just there.”

They said, “No, you don’t understand. You need to come back. Christopher needs to have surgery on his hips. If he doesn’t have surgery right away, he may never walk again.”

So what was I going to do? I approached Christopher and I said, “Look, we’re going to have to go back to Memphis. You’re going to have to have surgery on your birthday.”

And he looked at me and said, “That’s okay, Mom. At least I get to have another birthday.” That really touched my heart.

So we went back to Memphis, we had the surgery on his hips, they put pins in his hips, and he was in a wheelchair for a couple of months. We thought, “Okay. This is fine. This is a side effect of the radiation…no big deal.”

“But then he started throwing up. And kept throwing up. And throwing up, and throwing up, and throwing up. He threw up for months.”

“We took him to doctor after doctor, but they could not figure out what was wrong with Christopher.”

“I’d already seen him go through so much. I’d already seen my baby suffer more than most people have to suffer in a lifetime, and I did not want to see my child have to go through anymore.”

“I knew God had healed him and I knew God had given us a miracle, and I didn’t understand why he was having to suffer even more. I knew that just was not God’s will for him.”

“I read the Bible, I know what it says, and nowhere does it say, “I’m going to heal you and give you a miracle and then make you suffer.”

“After two months, they finally figured out that he had a sliding hiatal hernia. Part of his stomach was coming up through his esophagus.”

“This went on through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, until finally in the middle of January he had surgery. They wrapped his stomach around his esophagus.”

After that, we thought everything was fine. We thought, “Okay, this was one weird thing…no big deal…it’s over.

Two major surgeries in one year…we can deal with that. So let’s move on.”

“About two weeks later, he started throwing up again.”

“We took him back to the doctors, they went in, and they dilated his esophagus because it had swollen to the point where no food was getting through. After the dilation he started eating regularly.”

“In another week, he started throwing up again. We took him back to the doctor and they said, “You know, we could dilate him again, but you’re going to end up with the same problem.”

At this point, we just threw up our hands and said, “We’re just going to pray. We’ve done all we can do. We have nothing else to do for this child but pray.”

“We did put him on a liquid diet for about three weeks – that was as long as he could tolerate it.”

Meanwhile, we were scheduled for another checkup at St. Jude’s. I mentioned to his doctors, “He’s had this stomach surgery and he’s still throwing up, and we don’t understand what’s going on.”

They said “You really need to bring him back for tests. We need to know what’s going on. He could have grafts of his host’s disease, and his stomach could be attacking him internally.”

“They also said his cortisol levels were really low – his adrenal function”.

“When he was a little kid, right after the bone marrow transplant, one of the things that they would keep a constant eye on was his adrenal gland function to make sure his cortisol levels were high enough.”

“For a while we had to carry around a shot of adrenaline in case he got in an accident. I was told by the doctors at St. Jude’s that stress causes your body to deplete itself of adrenaline, and once that’s gone, if there’s a traumatic injury to the body but you don’t have that adrenaline, you die.”

“Well, at this point, I thought, ‘cortisol levels.’ I had talked to Jennifer once about the cortisol levels. I thought, “I’m going to go to Jennifer and see if she knows of any natural remedy. I’m going to ask her to pray for Chris, and I’m going to ask her if she knows of anything I can do about this.”

I went to Jennifer one night after services and said, “His cortisol levels are low and we have to go back…”

And Jennifer just got this twinkle in her eye like she was listening to the Holy Spirit and not really what I was saying. She said, “I’m going to give you the number of a man who I think can help you. He was instrumental in my own healing. You call him.” (You’ll read about Jennifer’s personal healing story in your Healing Codes Manual.)

‘I got his phone number. I called him the very next day, and it was Dr. Alex Loyd. That very day, he emailed me The Healing Codes manual.

I went over it that day. It sounded great to me, because when you are desperate, you will try anything.

We had tried natural remedies on Christopher. We had done amino acids, vitamins, supplements, herbals. you name it, we had tried it.

But he was still throwing up and the doctors were at a loss. So I read through The Healing Codes that night. The very next morning I started it on Christopher, and I started doing it on myself because I wanted to make sure I was good to do it on Chris.

‘We had immediate results. Immediate results. From the very first time I did it on Christopher, he got up from our little session just happy, happier than I’d seen him in a long time.”

“He was laughing, he was playing, he seemed to have a lot of energy that he hadn’t had the past few months. He’d been very lethargic and very tired all of the time.”

‘We had exactly twelve days from the time we started The Healing Codes to the time we had to be in Memphis where they were going to do a whole battery of tests on him to find out why he was throwing up.”

“Well, twelve days is the initial protocol for The Healing Codes.”

We did the twelve days, and we went back to St. Jude’s. They did CT scans, MRI’s, upper GI’s, blood work. you name it, they did it. And the results of every single one of those tests was clear.

There was not anything, and he had stopped throwing up at this point, so I was convinced.

‘The other thing that happened with The Healing Codes during those twelve days was that Christopher grew a centimeter.

Christopher has to take growth hormone shots every single night – he has since he was six years old. He grew a centimeter. Normal growth for him is 2-3 centimeters in one year.

We’ve continued to do The Healing Codes, and in the past month, he has grown three shoe sizes. Your foot is the first part of your body to grow, so you know when your foot grows, you’re getting ready to shoot up. Well, Christopher is getting ready to shoot up three shoe sizes worth in one month… ‘

‘He is living and he’s going to live. I have medical bills here totaling over a million dollars. What a million dollars in medical care could not do for Christopher, The Healing Codes has done for him.’

-Melissa Ryan

I Am.
by Christopher Ryan

I am a fierce dinosaur.
I wonder if I have a friend.
I hear cries of others like me.
I see others like me.
I want to be strong.
I am a fierce dinosaur.
I pretend that I have a home.
I feel happy.
I touch things like meat.
I worry that I will die.
I cry if I bite my tail.
I am a fierce dinosaur.
I understand what it feels like to be a dinosaur.
I dream that I am the strongest dinosaur.
I try to be the biggest dinosaur.
I hope I live.
I am a fierce dinosaur.
– Written by Christopher Ryan during his illness.
Copyright by Melissa Ryan for Christopher Ryan 2004

Listen to the Teleseminar on this page to find out more about
the great power to heal your life, heal premature aging
and your finances… And you were born with it.

Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD

Dr Ben heard about a seminar for a new healing technology.

“I was impressed with the testimonials; but, they weren’t nearly as important to me as the scientific explanation of how, what appeared to be miracles, could take place.

I began to use The Healing Codes. I used what’s referred to as the fast start program.

Six weeks later and there were still no results.

Then over the next two weeks, all symptoms disappeared.

I went back to the lab. No trace of Lou Gering’s Disease could be found.

I resigned from the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic I helped found and began working with Dr. Loyd to investigate this phenomenon and help spread this technology to the world.”

Please join us and use this technology for yourself, your family and even your pets.

Claim Your Healing Codes Package Now

Lorrie Rivers

“I wasn’t one of those overnight successes. I consider Dr. Ben’s eight weeks an overnight success.

I heard about The Healing Codes, because I was listed on the internet as an EFT Practitioner and someone sent me information about The Healing Codes.

EFT had helped with my CFS; but the results didn’t seem to be sticking and weren’t providing as much change as I wanted.

I almost deleted the email. I let it sit there awhile. I finally looked. I listened to a conference call.

It sounded great.

I prayed for guidance, ‘Please let me know by two days from now by 11:00 AM.’ I awoke that morning as if I was living the life I wanted to live.

It was really weird; but it was really cool. I decided that was my answer.

There were days when I had a hard time getting up or down the stairs. It was tough for me to set out from South Carolina for a training programming Nashville.

At the seminar, I was delighted to meet Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the fabulous Chicken Soup for Soul Books, who was there to learn more for himself.

During the training, I spent a lot of time in the car crying from pain or lying down in the lobby. I was in the bed for a week after.

Within the first two weeks of starting The Healing Codes, huge cravings for sugar and carbohydrates disappeared even though I wasn’t working on that.

It was about two or 2.5 years before I could say I put Chronic Fatigue Syndrome behind me.

I was not an overnight success story. But I felt so much more in control once I started, I continued.

I felt so much better emotionally.

You feel so helpless when you have something you can’t seem to do anything about. The Healing Codes gave me a sense I was beginning to have some influence over my health and destiny.

CFS, sometimes, kept my brain from concentrating and focusing. One day I couldn’t find my way to the grocery store I had been going to for many, many years. I spent almost three years in bed.

This is my life now.

Today, I am acting, directing, writing, singing (Jazz, Multimedia, a Rock Band) and producing. I am also a  Healing Codes Practitioner. I have moved to LA to pursue an acting career after studying in London.  That’s my story. I pray you create your own.”

Order the Healing Codes Package

The Death of Stress
Actually we don’t want to kill stress.

It serves a good and natural purpose. However, it can get stuck in Fight or Flight Mode and wreak havoc with our lives.

Fight or Flight kicks in when there is an emergency.

Basically the emergency shuts down a lot of your body’s natural functions.

When you are faced with a saber tooth tiger, your digestive system can be put on hold for a bit. Your immune system uses an immense amount of energy. Your Survival Mechanisms will pull the energy from your immune system to have it available if you are running from lions, tigers and bears. And your immune system shuts down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always restore itself fully. So it’s nibbled away.

Your brain uses a great deal of your body’s resources and it will lose a lot of its abilities until the emergency passes. Your brain dims down to almost true stupidity levels when you are under stress. Can you think of a time when you did or said something truly stupid? You were operating on diminished capacity because of stress.

Are you ready for a way to reduce the ridiculous negative impacts Stress has on your life?

They don’t take in proper amounts of oxygen, water or nutrients. They don’t release wastes and toxins. They don’t communicate with other nearby cells to help keep you healthy.

No wonder we get sick from stress.

Instant Access Teleseminar with Dr’s Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson

  • Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, describes your Secret Healing Software.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Cause of 80% to 95% of all disease?
  • Alex Loyd, PhD and Ben Johnson, MD on the Three Necessary Components of Healing?
  • How Ben Johnson MD, cheated Death and recovered from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
  • Learn How this has Worked for Pets, Children, Friends and Families
  • How Others Are Restoring Their Health While Healing Their Lives, Happiness, Relationships and Finances
  • You will find resources we are developing for you by those who are dedicated to discovering ways to improve our lives, health and happiness

Simply Click Play on Track 1 to listen to our teleseminar where Dr. Alex Loyd discusses the many benefits of using the Healing Codes.

For your convenience, this teleseminar audios are broken into four segments of 15 to 20 minutes each.

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Track 4

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In any financial transaction, one or both parties have to trust the other.

Is the product really that good?

Is it worth the money?

We can’t send The Healing Codes out for free and provide Individualized, Personalized Codes for you by one of our certified Healing Code professionals.

That would be nice. We don’t have that kind of money; plus, people rarely respect what they don’t pay for.


We can allow you to experience this package by covering most of our hard costs.

We will get this package into your hands for a $99.01 deposit.

Experience it. Use it. Work with your own Certified Healing Codes Practitioner to receive Customized Codes specifically for you.

Then if you decide it is as simple to use as we say… Just keep it, use it and our shopping cart will automatically charge you 3 more payments of $233.33.

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Your deposit is $99.01 plus $19.75 for Shipping & Handling Charges. You pay a little bit more for shipping to far off lands.

This package includes:

– The Healing Codes Package

– Eight Individualized, Personalized Codes

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure The Healing Codes will have a dramatic effect on your health and well-being … that we’re offering the following unconditional guarantee:   If you’re not satisfied with the results you get with The Healing Codes for any reason whatsoever,  simply tell us within 365 days and we’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund.  No questions asked.

Remember:  You have ONE WHOLE YEAR to put The Healing Codes to the test.  If you are not TOTALLY satisfied for any reason, simply send us an e-mail  within 365 days of ordering, and we’ll gladly issue you a refund of your entire purchase price.

Get The Healing Codes Now

That’s a money back guarantee for any reason.

If you find you should own this package for life for you, your family and even your pets, you will owe us three more payments of $233.33 each.

Want More Information?

Listen to this recording now or if you want downloaded as an MP3 file:

We will lose some money from individual clients who return the package.

In the long run, we will make money from those who choose to use the package to counteract current and future stress to heal your life in ways you have to experience to appreciate.

Now this offer is only for those who will promise us you will take and use the package.

For those who are merely curious and not committed to their own health, the health of their family and just want to satisfy their curiosity, please, don’t bother.

It’s not fair to us; because this offer will cost us money if you return the package,

If you’re not serious, please, don’t bother.

This is about getting this program into the hands of those who need it, want it and will agree to use it.

You can be started in twenty minutes from the time you receive the package.

You have a one year money back guarantee.  Please note – Refund amounts are less shipping and handling

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