You Asked, We Listened and Answered

You Asked, We Listened and Answered

Many of you have let us know that the Thursday evening time is not convenient for you for Thursday Open Forum Coaching.  So –

We are beginning a 6 month experiment with an afternoon Q&A call that is more convenient for Europeans and probably some Americans.  As a result of requests from European clients, we want to ascertain the importance to them of a call at this hour.

Beginning on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 3 PM Eastern (New York) time we will conduct a ONE HOUR Q&A call.  THIS IS DIFFERENT CALL-IN INFORMATION THAN THE THURSDAY NIGHT CALLS.

Get the dial-in information simply by becoming a free member of The Healing Codes.  Click the link and you’ll get all the information for the Thursday afternoon calls as well as the Thursday Open Forum Coaching, Cutting Edge calls and so much more.

Do NOT try to ask your questions here – comments are closed.  The Q&A calls – now at 2 different times – are the place for that.