Will The Healing Codes Heal My Child?

Will The Healing Codes Heal My Child?

Question:  My child is quite ill.  Will The Healing Codes work to heal him?

Answer (by Certified Healing Codes Practitioner Ellen Kratka)

1.  The Healing Codes works on the spiritual causes of dis-ease.  (Physical disease is one form of dis-ease.) That means, you should not necessarily expect physical change, because healing is actually a spiritual process. Physical changes may or may not happen, depending on many factors.

2. Healing is also a process of learning to follow your own intuition about things, including nutrition and other lifestyle components.  If you feel strongly that something would be helpful, do it.  Good, nourishing food, clean water, sufficient rest, movement and freedom from stress are always supportive to the healing process

3. A coach can help a lot with both of the above: getting to the spiritual core of the experience and energy testing on what is most beneficial to and helpful for each individual.

4. When a child is the one experiencing the dis-ease, it can be helpful for the parent(s) to explore what’s coming up for them in the relationship (like worry or guilt) and heal that.

This makes it easier to support the child and gives the child an environment of love without the lower vibration of fear, thus facilitating healing.


  1. This series of comments is contradictory to what is written in the Healing Code which is very definitive about healing (both physical and emotional). It’s not very encouraging to read conflicting views on the Healing Code when one is led to believe if done properly, it heals “100% of the time”.

    1. Ellen Kratka, the Certified Healing Codes practitioner who wrote this post, will answer this question as soon as she can. She is without power right now due to the snow storm. Please be patient – she WILL answer.

    2. Here is Ellen’s reply –

      Love and the supportive, loving energy of the Codes IS always healing. It’s important, therefore to define healing. Healing means an experience of wholeness and full connection with God (or Spirit or the Divine, the Cosmos or however you refer to your source). That in turn means being free of the lies we hold in our hearts about ourselves and one other.
      Each person has their own path to take toward healing the issues of the
      heart and, out of that, resolving the physical situation(unless there are other reasons why the physical situation exists). A parent can support but not do it for the child or anyone else. When a parent heals him or herself that is tremendously helpful to the child, since it is usually the case that the child’s diminished well-being is a result of interactions with the parent.
      Often when doing the Code on oneself AND passing the energy to the child, healing of BOTH parties (and the connection between the two) takes place and physical change may result. So using the Codes with a child is helpful and healing – 100% of the time.

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