What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 3

What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 3

The third most common theme to the responses to “What one belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you?” had to do with fear of the future or that the future will be just like the past.

This theme represents an opportunity to learn how to create what we want. Of course, if our attention is held by the pain of past events our ability to add energy to the life we want to create becomes limited.

One of the most profound and hopeful ideas to me is the Law of Cause and Effect—we reap what we sow—more popularly known as the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Cause and Effect is a more easily understood concept and therefore more actionable. Every cause produces an effect and every effect has a cause.

When we think of planting seeds of a certain variety in order to produce a harvest of that same type, it is very understandable. When we come to realize that what we think, feel, believe, say, do, and how we act are all forms of seed-thoughts being planted. If we practice and nurture those seed-thoughts we will produce a like harvest. Now, we can understand the importance of being mindful.

Our thoughts about ourselves, others, the past and the future all attract energy and grow to show up in our lives as a harvest.

The problem with stress from cellular memories and our interpretations of events is that we are limited physiologically in what we can think. The menu of options to a stressed person is restricted to:

  1. Fight the perceived threat;
  2. Flee the perceived threat.

Stress even degrades perception because the body’s resources are shifted to speeding up reaction time away from higher cognitive thinking processes.  In other words, it is difficult to focus on anything other than the problem.

When people tell me they have shaky beliefs that the future will better than the past, I say, ”no problem.” I then ask them about their desire that the future be better.

Imagine two large thermometers like the kind you might see outside being used to indicate a fund-raising project. In my area, United Way uses this type indicator as to the progress of their fund-raising campaigns.

Got the image?  Label one thermometer “Belief” and the other one “Desire.” In order to have the level on the Belief thermometer rise, we need to have evidence that our minds will accept. Remember, this is the same mind which is a main participant in the creation of our current conditions so its way of ‘working on your behalf’ isn’t always productive!

Desire, however, isn’t evidence-based. You can want something “Just because!” and that is a legitimate reason.

As you fan the spark and then flame of your desire by focusing on it, by thinking about it, by deliberately adding to your excitement about it, the level on the Desire thermometer rises.

This makes you more magnetic. When you function in this space you will attract what you focus on. You will start to acquire more evidence that you can have what you want. With that evidence, your Belief level rises too.

That excites your Desire even more, increasing your attraction, bringing in more evidence. This process feeds itself and creates new present time experiences, different from the past, while at the same time planting seeds of a new future harvest.  Think about it!


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