What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 2

What belief, if healed, would produce the greatest relief for you? – Part 2

The second most common theme appearing in the responses to the question, “What belief if healed, would provide the greatest relief for you?” had to do with fears related to safety.

This seems to be based in past experiences of lack of safety, lack of protection.

We could say this is an area where many parents and adults don’t understand one of their primary functions—to protect their children from harm.

The need to protect the child as it is allowed to grow in awareness by touching this, touching that, walking here and there, saying this and that, is poorly handled. Instead of facilitating the mental, emotional, physical, social growth of the child, fear-based control measures are put in place.  Instead of helping to make the world safer for the child, it can be made scarier and more dangerous by parental projection.

The belief that punishment is a viable teaching tool creates more fear, anger, and confusion than insight, awareness or enlightenment.

The promotion of the fear of punishment from “time outs” to the threat of eternal damnation in Hell, don’t promote love. They promote fear and familiarity with using disapproval to punish others. If God is love, this approach to punishment promotes the exact opposite of God.

Looking back at our early experiences and the early experiences of our parents and others, we can recognize that the unpredictability/predictability in their behaviors are directly attributable to:

  1. Their personal experiences of lack of safety and protection; and
  2. Their ability or inability to translate those energies into higher value experiences of their own. They both rose above those patterns and realized the positive opposite or, if their awareness was lacking, they passed on the same negative energies they received.

No matter what they did, our goal now is to transform those experiences into higher vibrations by realizing we got value from them. How do we do that?  We do that by taking them into a Healing Codes session and observing the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings on the deepest levels available to us. We can look deeper and deeper and deeper until we successfully mine our experiences and discover the ‘gold.’

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  1. Hello Mr. Costello,
    Yes, it would be okay with me to share what I have said. One more point on the subject of discipline. . . I love what James Dobson once said. He said, picture yourself on a very tall high rise, maybe on the top floor. Step out on the terrace where there isn’t any fence to keep you from falling off. A person would back up as close to the building as you could because of a fear of falling off.

    Now picture the same scenario. Open the patio door and observe a solid fencing around the terrace. You would step out and even lean over the fence because you know that you wouldn’t fall off.

    It is the same with setting boundaries in parenting. I am very old fashioned when it comes to how to raise children. In fact I am writing a book to that effect. I believe the old principles need to be re-instated in our out of control culture these days. We are so afraid of doing things that aren’t “politically correct” that we have lost all of our wisdom and teaching from the past. There are times when the past can help us instead of hinder us.

    I don’t hold any bad feelings from my parents spanking me, nor do my grown children from having been raised the same way. They made me realize that they did it out of love for me, and we only spanked our children out of love for them. I turned out with great values in life, and so did our children.

    Bless you for all you do for others!
    Catherine 🙂

    (This comment came in e-mail format but was so good that we wanted everyone to see it, with Catherine’s permission)

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