The Healing Codes for Pets

The Healing Codes for Pets

People often wonder, “Can you do Healing Codes for pets? If so, how, and what prayer would you say?”

Yes, you can do The Healing Codes for pets. In fact, I have an old (12 years) dog and an even older cat (17-18 years, we’re not sure exactly). The dog seems to have arthritis and the cat has bladder issues. The vet checked and found crystals in the cat, she was on all kinds of antibiotics for several months, to no avail. (Her symptom is not using the litter box–rather unpleasant for us.)

The vet suggested an ultrasound and possible surgery for Mamacat. For a cat that old? I started doing a custom Healing Code (Q Code) for her and for the dog every day.

So far, so good. Mamacat is using her litter box properly almost all the time, and Millie, the dog, is happily taking walks with me. (Though when it’s really cold, she refuses.)

How do you know what to target in a pet? Sometimes you can guess, if the animal seems sad or anxious. But you usually won’t know. A practitioner can test and find any underlying issues, but the Healing Code itself finds and heals what’s there.

If you can’t get a custom Healing Code for your pet, it’s best to use the universal Healing Code (from the book) for this, I think.

Here’s the prayer I use for my pets: “I pray that You would find, open, and heal the source of any disease or dysfunction in [pet’s name] body, mind or soul, by filling him/her and me with the love, life and light of God as I do this Code. I also pray You would magnify the effectiveness of this healing to the maximum level for [pet’s name] highest and best good.”

(You may also include in the prayer how you feel about your pet’s condition: “… body, mind, or soul, as well as my own anxiety over her condition, by filling …”)

You do the Healing Code on yourself, then release it to your pet in love. Seems to work very well! (Which, by the way, rules out that The Healing Codes work because of “placebo” or “expectation.” Neither of these effects applies to animals.)

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of  The Healing Code book. Visit her website at for Truth Focus Statements to use when doing Healing Codes.



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