The Healing Codes and The Tragedy in Aurora, Colorado

The Healing Codes and The Tragedy in Aurora, Colorado

Today on our Thursday evening Open Forum Coaching call, we had a client request we do a group custom code for all of the people in Colorado and especially those people in Aurora, Colorado as they sort through the tragedy that hit them.  This is a story from the person who made that request and I wanted to share it with you –

“Thank you soooo much for the code for us tonight!  It was done with amazing love as I knew it would be!  The school age class from our daycare was scheduled to go to Century 16 that Friday to see Ice Age 4.  Normally on a field trip day they are bugging us about “is it time to go yet?”  I knew all of them would be aware at varying levels of what had happened.  I had that class brought up to my office and none of them said a word so I asked “What’s on your mind?”  One girl finally asked if we could talk about what was on the news.

After they told me what they knew, I asked if what he’d done was right or wrong and then asked if it was okay for us to hate him.  They knew the actions were wrong but had to pause and think about the hate issue.  We then talked about how their parents don’t always love the choices that the kids make but that they still love their child.  Since we teach Christian principles at our daycare, it was easy to guide them that God did not love the choices that the man made but He still loves this man.

They were given a chance to pray if they wanted to and their prayers were amazing!   Some asked that God fill him with His love and help him to be a nice person  while others prayed for the families and people in the hospital.  By the time we got done, the energy level had completely changed and they were pestering me about where we were going on our field trip and when we were leaving!  I know God has used the Healing Codes greatly in my life over the past few months to change beliefs in me and help me to respond much more calmly to things.

The 2 of you have been a big part of that by answering so many questions for me on the Thursday night calls and just “being there” so many times!  I can’t thank you enough!  Anyone who knows me very well also “knows” the 2 of you cause they have heard ” Tom says” or “Mary Ann says”  many times.”

Love and blessings to you both.  Love, Chris

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  1. This is a beautiful reminder that we are born to love, whatever the circumstances,
    and that we Learn to hate. Such a beautiful and meaningful story about how we
    can move through the wrenching experiences in our lives. Thanks for this story.

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