The Healing Codes and Other Energy Modalities

The Healing Codes and Other Energy Modalities

People often ask what the difference is between The Healing Codes and other energy modalities such as EFT or The Emotion Code, for instance.

While each system has its unique features, and all deal with energy, the  big difference in my mind is that The Healing Codes actually change the frequency of the memory.

Every thought, image, feeling or belief is energy. The first Law of Thermodynamics says that states of energy can never be destroyed nor created, but can change forms. The energy coming into your senses, converted to thought or feeling, takes on a certain frequency.

Let’s say it’s a frequency of fear. That image/memory and perhaps a belief (“bad things happen to me”) stay in the memory, subconsciously usually. It is like a little tuning fork, tuned to the “fear” frequency. Some event happens, similar to the first incident, and you add another “tuning fork” tuned to that fear frequency to your subconscious mind.

When something happens “on the outside” that triggers a fear response in you, it is like a tuning fork is struck. All the little inner tuning forks with that fear frequency start vibrating inside you, sending out stress signals to your cells.

What happens, I believe, in other modalities such as EFT, The Emotion Code, and other such energy systems that are based on chakras and meridians, is that you “interrupt” the signal between “tuning fork outside” and “tuning forks inside,” so that the tuning forks inside quit vibrating and you feel better.

However, whenever a tuning fork is stuck on the outside that triggers your tuning forks on the inside, those inner tuning forks will vibrate again. So you have to again tap or get your magnet or whatever, to interrupt the signal.

What The Healing Code does is change the frequency of the actual little tuning forks, so they no longer vibrate to that fear or anger or “I’m worthless” vibration anymore.

That is the big difference, in my mind. That is what makes The Healing Codes unique and unprecedented.

Many of my clients have told me they have tried everything else, and only The Healing Codes truly heal. I believe it is only The Healing Codes (to my knowledge, anyway) that actually change the very vibration, or energy pattern, of that thought/image/feeling/belief.

Therefore, when a memory is healed, it is actually healed. When all of your fear “tuning forks” are neutralized, you will be able to deal with that outer issue coming at you. It may truly be something fearful, such as cancer. But you will be dealing with the situation itself, and not all the extra stress signals from past unhealed memories. No little “tuning forks of stress” will be set off by the circumstance.

When all your energy can be focused on the situation itself, without the extra “baggage” from unhealed memories, it’s amazing how much you can actually handle with relative peace.

And it’s amazing what your body can heal, when all the cells are able to get back to their original design, without all the confusion of the extra stress signals putting them into “death” mode rather than “growth” mode.

That’s the big difference as I see it. These other modalities are great “symptom smashers” as Dr. Alex Loyd calls them, and can be very useful to do just that. And perhaps what EFT and similar modalities do is not just “interrupt the signal,” but “turn down the volume” so that eventually, the volume is down to 0. However, for the fastest, easiest, long-term healing, nothing matches The Healing Codes in my opinion.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of  The Healing Code book. Visit her website at for Truth Focus Statements to use when doing Healing Codes.


  1. I am new to the Healing Codes and I am enjoying it very much so far. I do have many many hours of experience with The Emotion Code and some experience with EFT.

    I think there is some truth to the comparison you have made, but also some misconceptions. First in my experience The Emotion Code is dramatically faster and more accurate than EFT. TEC (The Emotion Code) is very good at quickly eliminating emotional pain and very rarely does it come back. I have plenty of clients with intensely painful and traumatic experiences where we have simply deleted the emotional elements causing the pain. Often in 30 minutes my clients are amazed that the hurt is gone. I have yet to see it ever return as you theorized it might.

    However here is the big difference which you hit on a bit. Using TEC to eliminate a problem doesn’t always create what you want. Often people think that by eliminating a problem in there life it will create what they really want. Many times they now have the absence of the problem but they haven’t created anything. TEC can be very good at developing a “path of least resistance” from where you are to where you want to be, but it isn’t very good at giving you zeal, passion etc.

    TEC also requires the ability to muscle test. This is a skill which some people are never able to do accurately. This results in TEC being out of reach for many people. TEC is a wonderfully quick surgically precise tool but it is only as good as your ability to aim it. The Healing Codes stronger reliance on divine intervention and prayer makes it an excellent option available to everyone and a great tool when you are otherwise stumped.

    Personally the Healing Codes came in to my life when I was dealing with a general feeling of disconnection from pursuing my dreams. I had tried with limited success to deal with this nagging issue over the years using TEC. Using some muscle testing I found that the frequency of the issue would be accurately described as as feeling of unworthiness to go from where I am to where I want to be (transcendence). After a couple of session of using The Healing Codes I am feeling better and can already feel myself moving forward in life. Many things I had been avoiding doing for no apparent reason have already been checked off of my to do list. I plan on using this wonderful tool to create a wide variety of results for myself and my clients.

    Thank You

    Steven Keller

    1. Steven, thank you for the clarification. You’re right, The Emotion Code does differ from EFT in important aspects, and it may not have been entirely accurate for me to lump them together. TEC is a wonderful tool and people do heal with it. Your comments on THC helping you move forward is also something I observe with my clients. That’s why I feel the healing is somehow deeper with The Healing Codes. That “effortless” moving ahead once the blocks are gone are what make me believe THC provides a deeper healing than anything else we’ve seen so far.

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