The Healing Code Virtual Book Tour Replay Now Available

The Healing Code Virtual Book Tour Replay Now Available

The Virtual Book Tour for The Healing Code was a smashing success!

There were 500 people on the call and we answered as many of the most-asked questions as we could in 90 minutes. We  we received thousands of questions from all around the world.

Some of the questions we answered were:

  • What is a Healing Code and why do you call it a” Code”?
  • How is it possible for there to be ONE source of all health, relationship or success issues?
  • What scientific or medical proof is there that The Healing Codes work?
  • What does a Healing Code actually heal–and is there anything it doesn’t heal?
  • Can The Healing Code heal ______?
  • Can I use The Healing Code for other people?
  • Where/how do I start?

If you have a question, you may still ask it here. Dr. Loyd will continue to answer questions at the end of the weekly Cutting Edge calls, and on The Healing Codes blog.

Some very special bonuses were announced on the call that are available to those who get the book.

And when  you ask your question or register to get the replay, you can also download an excerpt to the book. You can listen to the replay either online, or download it to your own computer or portable device to listen to at your convenience.