I see NO Healing Code for self-sabotage in the Manual’s Index.

I see NO Healing Code for self-sabotage in the Manual’s Index.

Alex was recently talking about self-sabotage. I see NO healing Code for self-sabotage in the Index. Is there a specific Healing Code for self-sabotage ?

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  1. This is a great question because, while it may not have a simple answer, it contains within it an opportunity to learn more about the true cause of a problem, which can then be healed.

    On the surface self-sabotage presents as a Harmful Action, and I would suggest beginning there. Going deeper, it could be helpful to ask if self-sabotage represents one or more Unhealthy Beliefs. Here are some possibilities:
    If I become successful, I’ll suffer negative consequences
    I can’t be bigger or better than my parents
    I’ve always been told “you can’t do it”, so that must be true
    Taking responsibility for my life is too scary.
    Working with the Unhealthy Belief code will help reveal the judgments you hold about yourself that have produced the behavior that’s not serving you. It may also bring to light old, buried pictures that explain why you have adopted the behavior, and help you forgive yourself for it.

    As you find the beliefs and memories you’ll notice that they relate to one or more of the 9 spiritual qualities. and you may choose to focus on them. Ultimately everything leads back to Love, so it’s always helpful to ask, Am I willing to love myself – including all my “flaws”? As you continue using the Codes and opening to love, notice how your thoughts and behavior change.

    Let us know how it goes. And Happy Coding!

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