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Always Tell the Truth

Honesty isn’t just the best policy, it’s the only one!  When trust is broken it is hard to restore. Now, while telling the truth sounds simple, it takes commitment on three levels:

1) Verbally. Lying undermines confidence. For example, when somebody denies blowing the family budget or covers up a drinking problem, inevitably there is trouble. But when each partner knows in his or her heart that the other will hold to the truth in love,  the relationship becomes stronger and more likely to weather the storm.

2) Behaviorally.  You become known as a person of integrity by keeping your word. So, if you make a commitment to do something, do it, even if it costs you or you get a better offer.

3) In actuality. Why make such a big deal about telling the truth? Because every relationship in your life is based on one thing – trust! When you violate that, you a) end up losing your influence and respect with others b) constantly live with the fear of being found out, which makes you insecure c) have to worry about what you said, and to whom d) ironically get to where you can’t believe others, for ‘as you live your life, you judge your neighbor.’ So, tell the truth!

Written and used by permission:  Tim Hetzner