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People Pleaser?

This is a lesson for a person doing the Healing Codes and it’s simple – “Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others.”  When you hear yourself saying “I don’t have time for the codes today – ask yourself – who am I taking care of by NOT doing my codes?”

Before an airplane takes off the attendant tells you that if the plane gets into trouble, secure your own oxygen mask before attempting to help others with theirs. That’s wise! Unless you get enough oxygen, how can you help anybody else?

Are your spiritual and emotional needs being met? If not, it’s time you stopped taking care of others and started taking care of yourself before you burn out. You can’t travel quietly through life hoping others will see when your plate’s full. Speak up, or they’ll just keep pouring on more problems and responsibilities! Personal empowerment begins by taking control of your life. Overloaded people fail; they always have and they always will. They fail at marriage, ministry and management. They fail at parenting, partnership and professional endeavors.

You’re like an airplane; if you carry too much baggage you won’t get off the ground. Motivated by the need to please or impress, you’ll take on too much and in the end fail to reach the heights God planned for you, or crash because you ignored your limitations. Every situation that arises does not warrant your attention! Jesus left the crowd to be alone with the Father. Did He evoke criticism from the crowd? Yes! Did He enjoy communion with the Father? Yes! And you’ll have to make that same choice too! People who don’t recognize your needs and respect your goals will drain you, divert you and keep you grounded. What’s the answer? Give what you can, learn when to say ‘enough,’ then let go and fly!

Written by Tim Hetzner and used with permission.