Signpost Of Healing – Things Don’t Bother You As Much

Signpost Of Healing – Things Don’t Bother You As Much

As I considered the signposts of healing, one thing immediately came to me:

•       Things that used to bother you may not bother you nearly as much.  They might not even cross your mind anymore.

I think this may be the biggest change I have noticed in myself, that difficult feelings I thought would be with me forever are now gone, as I have worked with the Healing Codes.

Here’s an example….

I am not in a romantic partnership and have not been for the past five years (and had had a string of not-so-great relationships before that).  I’d find myself thinking about this and wanting the right man to show up, which would be fine except that every time I thought about it I would get choked up or actually start to cry.  I realized this was because I thought it would never happen.  As I did the Codes on this issue I was flooded with all the messages that I had internalized at some point in my life, messages like: There aren’t enough men to go around, There’s no one who would be right for me, All the good ones are taken, Relationships are too hard, No one will want me at my age, and the biggie: No one wants to be – and stay – with me. This had created a pervasive sense of loneliness that seemed to always be lurking around the corner.  Of course none of these thoughts were rational – I actually laugh when I think about them now, but they still had a hold on me and produced the water works without fail.

As I did the Codes I embraced the part of me that felt this way; I acknowledged my own feelings and past hurts and gave myself permission to let them all come up and out.  And they did!  Within this safe container the feelings that arose were intense but brief, followed by a realization that at long last the feelings – and all the beliefs behind them – were gone, for good.

Now I still look forward to a relationship, but the thought of it no longer makes me cry, and I know that – in or out of that kind of partnership – I’ll never feel lonely again.


Ellen Kratka
Sacred Spiral Services
“To love is all you need.”


  1. I made the same experience, after ten years of a very sad realtionship, which made me suffering a lot. I started the healing code, after 8 weeks I could get rid of all the feelings and the man! I am so thankful, that the HC came to me, it is such a big gift!

  2. I also have noticed the same thing that things that used to bother me don’t anymore and this just happened automatically without my trying to make myself not be bothered. The bothering just disappeared. A physical concern that I’ve had for some years is still present but I continue to work with Healing Codes daily.

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