Living in the Zone – Part 2

Living in the Zone – Part 2

Secondly imagine doing that in a peak performance way.  Imagining doing that in the zone where the relationship is just fabulous, better than it’s ever been, the best you can imagine it.  Where your career is invigorating, you’re passionate about it.  You are successful.  It just goes beyond what you had hoped for.  Your health starts improving and it keeps improving and things are getting better and better.  You are feeling better and better and better.  Imagine what that would be.  Try to imagine that in the zone, whatever the things is you want to do.

Next, see what do you not believe about that.  When you envision doing that thing in the zone, what little voices are saying “That can’t happen.”  “You’re not good enough for that.”  Or, “That may happen for everybody else, but not for you.”

Do you feel anger?  Do you feel anxiety?  Do you feel fear?  Do you feel sadness?  Do you feel frustrated?  Do you feel unforgiveness?  When you imagine doing that thing in the zone, what do you feel in a negative way that says you may not be able to do that in the zone?  Write all those things down.

Before you can ever do that thing in the zone you have to heal all of those things.  Now, I would highly recommend doing that through energy medicine like The Healing Codes because you can do it in a matter of minutes or hours.  Any other way I know of you may be at it for years or decades and you still might not get there.  You have to heal those negative things that come up when you imagine doing that in the zone.

Once you have healed those and now you think about that thing and don’t feel any of the negative, you don’t feel “I can’t do it”.  You don’t feel anger.  You don’t feel frustrated.  You don’t feel, “I’m not good enough.”  You think, “Hey, I think maybe that can happen” about whatever it is.

Then continue to focus on that image of the thing you want to do in the zone and keep inserting positive things. “You can do it.”  “I can make it.”  “If this is God’s will he will help me with this.”  Until you can see that vision of doing that thing and you can feel it and it’s positive and you believe it.  Once you get to that place, that is going to start acting like a homing beacon.  It’s going to start acting like the rudder on a ship to take you toward that thing that this time you’ll be able to do it from that place of being in the zone.

I would highly advise again for you to use energy medicine like The Healing Codes to infuse that vision.  You can do it in a matter of minutes.  If you don’t want to do that, just focus on that vision from a positive, loving, truthful place.  Any time you start to feel a negative about it, you have to flush it.  Not if it’s the truth.  If it’s the truth you’ve got to resolve it.  But if it’s not the truth, and it’s usually not, you’ve got to flush it.  That takes mental gymnastics and sweat.  That’s why I advise doing it through energy medicine where you don’t have to go through all that.

Once you get the negative gone about that thing you want to do in the zone, and the positive infused, it’s going to start to happen.

Now, a couple of disclaimers.  1.  Before you do this, pray about it.  Make sure this is what God wants for you.  2.  Make sure it’s in truth and love.  That’s going to help you tremendously in figuring out the thing you want to go after as far as living in the zone.  3.  You’ve got to do it.

This is a little bit of work going through all this, but it can pay off in dividends for the rest of your life and the rest of your family’s life, in your health, in actual dollars.  People who do this start making more money, etc, etc.

That’s how you live in the zone.

Blessings…Alex Loyd

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