If You Want To You Can Change!

If You Want To You Can Change!

The Healing Codes is all about change, if you stop to think about it. What are you doing when you heal the issues of your heart? This article discusses Change! Read it and think about it – then let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment.

If you want to change your life for the better, take these steps:

1) Discern what success really is! When others feel good about you, you are popular; when you feel good about yourself, you are successful. Your life’s highest calling will always create the highest level of joy within you. That does not mean it will be easy or pain free. Every winner in history paid a price; you will too!

2) Set your goals – in prayer! Success is achieving the purpose God has for you. It is not wrong to set goals, it is just wrong to set prayerless ones. What are your goals? How do you plan to reach them?

3) Stop looking for somebody to bring you happiness! Do not wait for flowers to arrive. God gave you seed; start growing your own. And besides, when you are less ‘needy’ you will be more attractive.

4) Get over yourself – everyone else has! A well-known minister says he was praying one day, ‘Father why does the enemy keep reminding me of my past failings?’ God replied, ‘Because he is running low on material!’ What a great answer! God says, He will ‘not remember your sins’. So unless you are better than Him, do the same thing! Begin today to make these four steps part of your life.

Used by permission and written by Tim Hetzner.


  1. Hola doctor alex, me da mucho gusto escribirle por este medio ,quisiera responderle acerca de este articulo, como usted sabrá yo no se ingles, y en ocasiones (muy pocas por cierto)le pido a algunas personas traducirme, en esta ocasión sorprendí muchísimo a mi hija, pues supo que este articulo su ser lo escribió exactamente para mi, especialmente donde dice Que un ministro estaba orando, y preguntando a Dios ¿padre porque tengo tantos enemigos.¡ y el le respondió porque te mantienes en una vibración muy baja, esto hizo que mi hija comprendiera dos cosas la primera que Dios es uno conmigo cuando mis vibraciones son tan bajas y la segunda que es tiempo de que ella comprenda lo que he estado viviendo. Mil gracias……………….

    Con amor yvelisse Almanzar”

  2. I appreciate the first line so much — “When others feel good about you, you are popular; when you feel good about yourself, you are successful.” So many people are spending their waking hours trying hard to get someone to notice them, or to gain the reflected glory of others for some achievement.
    When we begin to trust in God and ask Him for guidance, we can become aligned with His purpose and know that we are succeeding. This can’t help but bring happiness (although it doesn’t carry an automatic exemption from pain either!)
    This short essay carries a lot of wisdom. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Yes, yes, yes, I want and am ready to change. A few weeks before I found “The Healing Codes” I asked God to please help me to change. I had studied and searched for the tools/key to self-transformation for 37 years, with little benefit. I told God, “I will do anything, give up anything, and learn anything I am able, if You will guide me to something that will help me to change my life.” When I found “The Healing Codes,” I could feel myself changing — feel the Energy moving in my dreams and a continuous stream of memories that went on for several weeks. This has certainly not been a comfortable journey much of the time. Still, I know in my heart that God has answered my prayer — I am changing…I am healing…my life is changing. I thank God all day every day for Dr. Loyd, “The Healing Codes,” and all of the people in this wonderful organization, who feel like the family I wish I had had.

    Thank you, Dr. Loyd and thank You, God!!!


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