How Do The Healing Codes Improve Relationships?

How Do The Healing Codes Improve Relationships?

The subtitle of The Healing Code promises it heals the source of any relationship issue. How does it do this?

First, remember that The Healing Codes only address issues of the heart, which Dr. Loyd believes, and we coaches agree, are the source of all the issues of life. (It’s actually based on what King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23: All the issues of life flow from what’s in the heart.)

The Healing Codes change the frequency of the negative images and beliefs which are stored as cellular memories. When that happens, the physiological stress is removed that caused you to view things in a negative light.

When you see things more as they are, rather than with the overlay of past hurts, you are able to live more in the present moment. You become happier and more peaceful. This can’t help but affect your relationships. One client told me, “I’m much more patient and peaceful with my children, and that’s really improved our relationship.”

Also, The Healing Codes focus you on key relationship issues, such as forgiveness, unhealthy beliefs, harmful actions (the three inhibitors to healing), as well as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trust (a huge issue in relationships), humility, self-control. All of these obviously affect how you relate to others.

As you resolve your love or trust issues, for instance, you will become more loving and people will want to love you back. As humility and kindness characterize you, people will be drawn to you. Someone told one of my clients, “You have such a peace about you. I just like being near you.”

It was the changes in me and my improved relationships within the family that won my once-skeptical husband over to doing The Healing Codes for himself. The Healing Codes have deepened our marriage because now we can share what heart issues we’re are working on, and can pray together and do Codes for each other and our children. We know each other in deeper ways as we share our healing journeys.

Another way to improve relationships is to do The Healing Codes for others. One huge, important caution: Do not do Healing Codes to get a person to be the way you want them to be. That is manipulation and it won’t work. It is a misuse of The Healing Codes.

When you do The Healing Codes for someone else, it must be in love and truth for that person’s highest good. You must do it trusting God to work in that person’s life and let God decide how to give the person what is needed.

Dr. Loyd says that The Healing Codes are more powerful when you do them for others than if they did them for themselves, provided you do it in love and truth. The love that motivates you to do the Codes for others amplifies the power. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. (God is love, remember!)

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner and the editor of The Healing Code.


  1. Annette,

    It’s always helpful when we can be specific about memories, so if you do know of some traumas your daughter had, you can certainly pinpoint those in the prayer of intention (before you do the Code). However, there’s no way you can rate the intensity for another person, so don’t worry about that. Just do the Code (point to the healing centers) and keep a positive love picture or Truth Focus Statement in mind as you’re doing the Code. Then, release it to her in love when you’re done.

    If you talk to your daughter, you can ask her how she feels about her physical condition, and maybe see if she has any other memories of feeling that way. Then do the Code for her on those things.

    Don’t get too hung up on knowing everything. Your love will go a long way toward helping her when you do the Code for her. I have a teenager and young adult. They are usually not forthcoming about their issues, yet I still do Codes for them and see results. (Of course, as a Healing Codes Practitioner I can test about their issue. But I also rely a lot simply on prayer, asking God who knows all things to heal whatever most needs healing at this time.)

    Hope this helps some.

  2. I read about how to do the Healing Code for someone else, but I’m confused. Do I walk through the entire process of identifying (what I think might be) heart issues and rating them 0-10 etc, or do I go right to the prayer and activating the healing centers? Specifically, I’d like to work on my daughter’s health and specifically her frequent headaches and migraines. I’ve identified at least 5 important events that seem linked to this condition starting with a cord wrap during her birth, but I’m not sure how to proceed. Can you direct me to any information that would help me? Thank You.

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