Doing the 12 Days — Again

Doing the 12 Days — Again

If you are new to The Healing Codes and have not completed the 12 Days (one for each Healing Codes category), I encourage you to do so. If you have completed the 12 Days, whether recently or years ago, consider doing it again.

When I first did the 12 Days, my experience of life changed forever. As a practitioner, I speak with clients about the 12 Days, but I never repeated the process myself.

Now as I focus on Unforgiveness, then Harmful Actions, what I notice is how different I am now compared with six years ago! I’m peaceful and happy, and past traumatic events don’t bother me. I don’t have any big Unforgiveness issues, and it’s difficult coming up with anything that bothers me anywhere close to a level 10 on the intensity scale. Considering how miserable I used to be, that’s huge.

What I’m doing:

  • The Prayer for the category
  • Include whatever issues come to mind associated with the category
  • Do Code #1 and Code #2 using the Q Codes
  • Do #1 and #2 the ‘regular’, ’30-seconds-per-position’ way
  • Include truth focus statements and emotional experiences of how I want to feel
  • Repeat as desired
  • Do the sequence 2-3 times a day

Doing the Q Codes isn’t required, but I find that it does ramp up the power. Because things are already moving when I do the Codes the regular way, I end up holding the hand positions less than 30 seconds. The whole sequence is completed quickly.

I’m newly awakened to the power and the benefit of the 12 Days.

To your health and healing


Love All Ways,

Sandra Lee

Healing Codes practitioner

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    1. Hello Pietro and other Healing Codes fans,

      I just realized that many people reading this blog don’t know what the 12 Days is! Because you have The Healing Code, Dr. Loyd’s wonderful book. But you do not yet have The Healing Codes, the full Healing Codes Program (you can find it under the products tab at the top of this page). So I will explain.

      In The Healing Code, you have one Code, the Universal Healing Code, which you can use for any issue that you have in life. It’s fabulously powerful. And it’s really just the start of all of the wonderful Healing Codes that are available.

      The Healing Codes Program is a full system with 12 Categories. Each Category focuses healing on one of the emotional aspects of life. Unforgiveness, Unhealthy Believes, Love, Peace, Trust, etc.

      Two Healing Codes are given for each Category. So The Healing Codes Program has a total of 24 Codes.

      What is the 12 Days? You focus one day of healing on each of the 12 Categories. In completing this, you focus healing on the entire emotional basis of your experience of life as a human being.

      Here’s a brief description of how the 12 Days altered my experience.

      In the middle of an hour-long drive, I realized that I was just enjoying the ride. I wasn’t speeding or wanting to speed, I wasn’t solving problems. I was just enjoying being there. Astonishing.

      Some time later, I was writing an e-mail to a friend about The Healing Codes. Throughout the years of my personal healing journey, I became aware that the belief “I’m bad” was at the foundation of my whole life. As I was writing, I said “I’m bad” in my mind. My mind responded with, “That’s not true.” I was stunned. I repeated it over and over with the same result, until my mind was laughing at me, “Give it up, it’s not true!” This belief that I had been working on healing for a decade had fundamentally transformed.

      This was just the beginning of my personal experience of the power of The Healing Codes Program and the 12 Days.

      The Healing Code and the Universal Code truly can assist you in healing everything. Were you to choose to upgrade to The Healing Codes Program, working with the 12 Categories would speed and strengthen your healing. Check out the options on the website.

      Here’s to your healing and happiness

      Love All Ways,


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