Dogs, Cesar Millan, Eckhart Tolle and The Healing Codes

Dogs, Cesar Millan, Eckhart Tolle and The Healing Codes

The messages you will hear from these videos relate to all aspects of life.

They are pertinent to the work you are doing with the Healing Codes.

Watch them, reflect and see what you can learn.

Cesar Millan and Eckhart Tolle

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Thanks Mary Ann and Tom for sharing this video……I enjoyed the interaction between two men that respect each others expertise and the energy of gratifying association.



  2. Gina,
    I have studied Cesar carefully and I understand what you are saying about seeing him “kick” a dog or tap it in the chest. But I believe you are misunderstanding the “touch”. I’ve seen where with some dogs he doesn’t touch them at all or just barely. He instinctually knows which dogs need that touch and which don’t. It’s the sensitivity of the dog. Sometimes it’s a sound.

    He does this to change the direction of their brain, not to punish. He’s getting this from years of observing a pack of dogs interacting. In their own setting they are nudging and touching or making sounds to each other to get the attention.

    I love that he uses methods that the dog understands rather than humanizing the situation. Dogs are dogs. Watching the dogs almost immediately get a calmness about them, like wow someone finally is hearing me, it’s obvious he is not degrading them. I honestly think it’s degrading to treat them like humans.

  3. Loved watching these videos. Also, love the Healing Codes.

    We adopted a rescued dog several years ago and employed Caesar’s calm, assertive way of rehabilitating.

    Touch to get one’s attention is different than punishment.

    I respect Eckhart Tolle’s work, as well. Although I might not agree with everything he teaches, it matters little to me. One time long ago, a devout Christian teacher said to me, “Truth is truth wherever you find it.”

    Over time I’ve learned to embrace those words. Suspending judgment, for me, is key. It’s not always been easy for me to do that. Healing those places within where I have experienced past wounding has brought me peace which I believe to be my greatest reward to date.

    Watching our rescued pup experience peace for the first time in her life is almost as rewarding.

    Thanks for sharing these, Mary Ann.


  4. what a wonderful way to show how GOD can be found in all of HIS creation.
    I feel however the great importance of discernment. CHRIST alone is our hope ,we need to have the right knowledge and true faith, that we do not fall into the trap of “mother nature” of the GOD replacement spirituality of the enemy .Eckhardt Tolle unfortunately is not a teacher of the truth and CHRIST is not his LORD

    1. I did not post this to judge anything. I just posted it because of the kindness displayed between two men talking about dogs and the messages about being kind to humanity. I did not mean for this to become a debate about religious beliefs. I respect all beliefs. All people are God’s children!

      Mary Ann

  5. As an animal intuitive and communicator, I can honestly say that Caesar Milan truly does not understand dogs. His methods are degrading and abusive to say the least; he is a person who channels his negative energy on innocent living beings and calls it “training”. To truly bond with a companion animal and teach them, communication is key; not asserting your will over them through physical means.

    I know Mr. Milan serves a purpose and it is to further demonstrate just how much hunmanity does not understand our connection to other living beings. I was hopeful your organization understood this connection as it is vital in raising the vibration of humanity and providing healing to those in need. In light of seeing your use of these videos, I beleive that you do not.

    Perhaps you should do more research before promoting somebody just because they are touted as a so-called expert and have a certain amount of fame. I am honestly very thankful to have received this sign about the Healing Codes, it confirms my decision to not use them any longer as a healer.

    Wishing you love and light on your path.

    1. Gina,
      The video links were sent to my husband as an expression of kindness to my husband. He watched them and thought they were sensitive and caring conversations between two men. The men didn’t abuse one another, anyone else or animals. I watched them and saw deep messages to humanity – knowing both Cesar and Eckhart – seeing them hug was amazing.

      Your judgments about Cesar Milan do not match our experience of watching several of his TV episodes. Hundreds and hundreds of animals are saved from being euthanized by his caring hands.

      I have never heard of you so I have no insight into your methods – consequently cannot see the value of your methods over his.
      We live in a wonderful world where people are allowed their own opinions. As far as understanding our connection to other beings/animals – nothing could be farther from the truth.

      Your rejection of the healing codes is probably just as well. If you reject the Healing Codes because of my decision to post a video that was a gift – then you would not gain much benefit from them. Rejection is the one thing that will block any healing no matter what methodology you use.

      Years and years ago I stopped judging people. That is God’s job not mine. I wish you well.
      Mary Ann

      1. No judgment. I simply do not condone kicking dogs (or tapping them in the rib cage with your foot) which I have seen that trainer do on multiple occasions. As I said, I believe he serves a valuable purpose. I thought an organization like yours would want to know what you are potentially endorsing, it’s just an alternative veiw point based on some very real information.

        When you can communicate with animals, you gain a different perspective on how to treat them. I work in pet rescue and see the efforts first hand of saving homeless, abused and neglected dogs (and cats, bunnies etc…) that would otherwise die alone. I also help consult with those rescues, adopters, trainers and other pet owners about behavior issues through intuitive communication and spirit always guides us to a positive, non-physical solution; even in the toughest of cases. Animals, as with other living beings, do not desire to be physically dominated in even the slightest way.

        As for the Healing codes, I don’t reject them as there are many who have and will benefit from them. It’s just not a methodology I feel comfortable using as a healer at this time.
        With much gratitude and angel blessings,

        Gina Sendef
        Spiritual Self-help Author & Angel Intuitive

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