Doctor heal thyself!

Doctor heal thyself!

Medical professionals in the U.S. are under a unique form of stress that often times goes unrecognized.  It is a stress created by the families, patients, outside parties, the professional culture and yes, even the professional him or herself.

What the medical professional faces on a daily basis are pressures from family to:

  1. provide a upper class lifestyle
  2. be present to their needs

They face pressures from patients to:

  1. make no mistakes
  2. be present to their needs

They face pressures from outside parties (like government agencies and third party payers) to:

  1. make no mistakes
  2. file scads of paperwork
  3. make medical decisions based on non medical input, such as insurance provisions or big pharma pressures

They face pressure from their own profession’s culture to:

  1. Tow the line, not think outside the box

They face their own pressures to:

  1. be perfect
  2. make no mistakes
  3. please everyone
  4. know everything


By MaryAnne Chase

Mary Anne is a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner.


    1. Yes, the difficulty comes for many medical professionals in admitting they do have weaknesses.

  1. I’m one of those doctors who have had to learn to heal my own wounds so that I could be an effective helper and deal with the stresses of life and of working with stressed-out people. Its wonderful to have a tool like The Healing Code.

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