Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Has it dawned on you how much ‘they’ control your life? They set the standard and we wear it, drive it, quote it or do it! Now that may be okay in some areas, but not when it comes to your life’s direction. God teaches us that you are: a) free from the pressures others try to put on you b) free to be who you are called you to be c) free to ask God for your own answers instead of always running to other people.

Many of us were raised in such a way that we struggle with insecurity. We are competitive; we keep comparing ourselves with others. We are jealous of their possessions, abilities and accomplishments. We are always trying… to keep up with certain people or be like them. As a result we are constantly frustrated because we are operating outside of what God has called us to be. We are not being ourselves! You cannot run on somebody else’s track. You will never enjoy the fullness of life’s blessing until you commit yourself to being the person you were created to be.

So rise up and announce, ‘I am what I am. I cannot be anything other than what God has called me to be. So I’m going to concentrate on being the best me I can be, and enjoy it every day!’

The above devotion was written/compiled from multiple sources by Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities.


  1. Praise God for a timely word! Every time I start to feel stressed out and under pressure it is because I am not being true to who God created me to be, I have gotten distracted and am doing all my “obligations” neglecting my true self. I find it difficult to not be influenced. Seems like some days I want to be president and other days I want to be president! God help me be who I am-

  2. amen brothers and sisters …only God is in control, not others who would have you believe otherwise, that’s why there janitors and presidents. God bless us all.

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