Angel Stories – The Bus Stop

Angel Stories – The Bus Stop

I was standing at my bus stop after work.

Traffic was heavy.

There was a heavy metal guard rail behind me

with one bar at my shoulder height and another

at knee level, and I was leaning back against it.

Suddenly I ‘heard’ the words, “Heather! Pray for

protection!”  I immediately started praying for

everyone I could think of! The very loud words

came again, “NO Heather! Pray for protection for

YOU!”  No sooner had the words come out of my

mouth, “Dear Jesus protect me!” a car in the inner

lane veered into a car that was in the outter lane

(the one closest to me) and swerved right towards

me! I suddenly ‘saw’ two very large angels (@ 8ft tall)

on both sides of me reach down and cross their hands

in front of my legs, and the car passed on by me within

an inch or two of my legs! If not for this angelic inter-

vention, my legs would surely have been crushed and

I might have even been killed! I was truly amazed, and

beyond grateful, for this evidence, actual proof, of my

sweet Lord Jesus’s ever-attentive loving care for me by

giving me these ministering angels to protect me!  I’ll

never forget this amazing experience!!!

Extreme experiences call for extreme Love! Ay?!

Heather Kinnowr

Palmer, Alaska


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