When It’s NOT Good to Do Healing Codes for Others

One of the wonderful things about The Healing Codes is you can do them for someone else, and it is effective.

In fact, it may be even more effective than if the person does it for him or herself, because the love that motivates you to do the Code for the person seems to greatly amplify the effectiveness.

Just look at the visual proof of what happened when one loving, committed mom did Healing Codes for her then 3-year-old son who had an eye condition called strabismus.

If you’ve never read the story on my blog of Vinny, the boy with the inoperable brain tumor that went away after his grandmother and people reading the blog who did Healing Codes for him, please be ready to be amazed.

I regularly do Healing Codes for other people, and I’m convinced that I benefit myself from it. There is a proverb that says those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. When you offer yourself as sort of a channel of healing love to flow through, you can’t help but be watered yourself.


This works in reverse in a certain case.

Whenever the motivation for doing a Healing Code for someone else is not love, but manipulation–do not do a Healing Code!

If you are trying to change another person, I need to warn you: Not only will the person you’re doing a Code for NOT be healed or blessed, but it can do great damage–to you and, perhaps, to the other person.

So if you desire to do a Healing Code for someone else, honestly check your own motives. If there’s any hint of desperation on your part for them to heal, or desire to change them, do not do a Healing Code for the other person.

Instead, do the Healing Code for yourself, on your own desperation, control issues, or whatever is going on in that relationship. (The Relationship Codes might be especially helpful here. You can take the Relationship Issues Finder first, then use the proper Code to address the issue.)

After doing your own Healing Code, you may certainly release the healing to the other person, saying, “I release the effects of this healing to [name], in love, insofar as this issue affects him/her.”

That is the best, most effective, and safest way to do a Healing Code for someone else when you can’t do it out of pure motives.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner and worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on the editing and publishing of The Healing Code book. For articles and help with healing heart issues, visit her website at  or her blog at

Filling Up Your Love Tank

How do you let love point the way? You may be at a point in life where Valentine’s Day bring up reminders of love the way it used to be or, love the way you want it to be. Perhaps you’re supporting an unhealthy relationship because you’re lonely. Expectations for good relationships run high, sometimes setting us up for disappointments.

During Valentine’s Day season, a lot of us evaluate our “love tanks” are they full, half-full, or on empty?
Let’s turn your “lonely” into “love-filled” by using the Relationship Codes for healing.
Are you like John?

johnJohn believes that he’s not worthy of being loved.

He wants to be healed of this unhealthy belief and the way it’s harmed him and his relationships.

John knows that his thinking causes a pattern of poor behavior, broken relationships, and missed opportunities.

He wants to have an authentic lifestyle. He’s tired of empty dreams and broken promises. John knows that he can’t change others, but with help, he can change.

The pain in John’s life is enough to motivate him to get authentic help. He decides that he’ll try The Relationship Codes.

After he gets The Relationship Codes package he clears his schedule for an hour or more a day in order to read the material and watch the DVD’s.

There are Four Parts to doing The Codes:

1.  The Set-up:
a. Pinpoint your top feeling.b. Recall your earliest or strongest memory of a time
when you had the same feelings. This does not have
to be a memory of a similar situation or event; it only
has to contain the same feelings.
c. Rate the intensity of that feeling (on a scale of 0-10*)
d. Decide on a “truth focus statement” to say while doing the Codes.
The Truth Focus Statement is a key element of healing issues of the heart by replacing the issue/pain/lie with the love.  Truth Focus Statements are designed to cause a shift in your beliefs by stating a truth you know is genuine.

2.  The prayer

3. Performing the Code

4.  Your commitment to SELF CARE to do your Codes faithfully.

Back to the example of John.
After John reads the material, he realizes what his false belief/feeling is that he’s unlovable. On a scale of 0-10 he believes/feels it at a 9.

John gets a Code from the Relationship Codes book or he gets a custom code from me, his coach.

He prays an intentional prayer to be healed of his emotional issue.

Then he does the Code sequence he says the truth statement: “I am able to make healthy choices that will help me honorably love myself and others.”

The truth was infused in John as he used his body’s electro-magnetic field as a conduit while doing the Code as he sincerely spoke out the truth; altogether, these activated his emotional healing!

What is the Result? John’s conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious no longer hold the poison of the unhealthy belief that “I’m unlovable”. He’s able to take care (love) himself because he believes he’s worth loving.

John’s bio magnetic and bioenergy system has changed so that he no longer radiates rejection, he radiates genuine peace and love. Because of his healing, the way he responds to others has changed.

Love is now pointing the way!

Elizabeth Peace is a Certified Healing Codes Coach, a professional Pastoral Counselor and a teacher. For more helpful articles, you can visit Elizabeth at her website,

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A Fully Functioning Brain Can generate up to 10 Watts of Electrical Power!

Elizabeth PeaceWhen I read that, I thought, there’s hope for me yet! You and I yield up to ten watts of electrical power. Isn’t that great news? For those of you who think that “the light bulb” has grown a little dim, just think again. You have the inborn capacity to charge-up your mind and body.

You have a beautiful brain and a beautiful mind.
Nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Ned Hermann stated, “…the brain is an electrochemical organ.”2 It emits the voltage for energy and the power of thought. The Healing Codes use both aspects of your “grey matter”: to employ the power of concentration on a truth focus statement and to employ your fingertip voltage to your brain wattage to heal you!

Let’s borrow the well-known adage, “knowledge is power” to work for you double-time with some “knowledge” through scientific proof and some “power” by switching on your “light bulb”!

Some Science: The Nerve-Immune System

Peace.image.postResearch “has demonstrated that bio-psychosocial factors such as psychological stress can influence the immune system. Chronic stress has been associated with the suppression of the immune function.”3“Over recent decades, reasonable evidence has emerged that these brain-to-immune interactions are highly modulated by psychological factors which influence immunity and immune system-mediated disease.” 4

Some Science: The Autonomic Nervous System

Peace.image.postThe autonomic nervous system is the body’s control center for stress. When the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal axis is stimulated, the autonomic nervous system activates the “fight or flight” mechanism and shifts cells from growth mode to self-protection.5

Peace.image.postWhen the hypothalamus (located in the brain) senses the electrical currency of fear, it activates the body’s emergency response system and sends a signal to the pituitary (or master gland) that there is an emergency. The pituitary then sends a signal to the adrenal glands, which send out the adrenal hormone that puts the entire body into “fight or flight” mode.6

Some Science: Brain Tissue & Electrical Activity
Peace.image.postBrain tissue generates electric fields when it is active.6
When large numbers of neurons show synchronized activity, the electric fields that they generate can be large enough to detect outside the skull. These electric fields are employed every day in hospitals around the globe by using electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography (MEG).7

Some Science: The Healing Codes
The Healing Codes use the nerves of your fingertips aimed at the four healing centers of the head and neck, utilizing your brain wattage, for emotional healing which oftentimes results in physical healing.

If you didn’t believe that you have a beautiful brain and body, you should now! God has given us so much to work with, let’s reach our maximum potential for our optimal good!

Elizabeth Peace is a Certified Healing Codes Coach, a professional pastoral counselor and a teacher. For more helpful articles you can visit Elizabeth at her website, Your Healing Codes Coach

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The Codes: A type of Natural Neuro-Feedback

IWith all of the brain enhancement Apps and electronic devices developed to influence brain responses1, the “Family of Codes”2 is the premier way of systematically igniting the body’s bioelectric and bio magnetic field for emotional and physical healing.

By applying The Codes to your own bio magnetic, bioenergetic fields, you align your immune system so it can do its job.

What are the Bioelectric & Bio magnetic Fields?
The body produces its own electrical activity (called a bioelectric field) and has a magnetic field (called a bio magnetic field).

The Codes work with the bioelectric and bio magnetic fields to interact with one another to help regulate emotions and the body’s processes.

Have you ever used these fields before? Yes, you have! Working with these fields is quite commonplace; technology utilizes the bio electric and bio-magnetic fields for X-rays, EKGs, hearing aids, pacemaker’s, and the like. And you can use these fields with The Healing Codes for a fantastic natural neuro-feedback.


The Physical Part – Making the Circuit Connection
Your fingertips are packed with nerves; nerves emit electrical energy (simple ex: a static shock when you touch someone).

The Codes are a sequence of hand positions aimed at the healing centers of the head and neck.
By aiming your fingertips toward the healing centers of your head and neck, you work with your own body’s bioelectric and bio magnetic fields.

Healing Codes Biomagnetic Electromagnetic Field

The Emotional Part
Find the emotion/belief that has been causing a problem in your life and decide on a corrective statement of truth (these are called Truth Focus Statements in the manuals).
The Intentional Part – You speak your intention to heal. For those with a belief in God, they also ask God for healing. In addition, it is great to have a picture to look at that evokes good feelings; we call this “a love picture”.
Putting it all together
Focus on your truth statement and love picture while you aim your fingertips to the healing centers of your neck and head in a sequence, (a Code) for at least 30 seconds in each position. Would you like an example?

The Net Effect?
Deep emotional breakthroughs and profound stress relief; which in turn generate a multi-layered effect of physical wellbeing, which generates success and favorable relationships.
Good Reads for a Good Year!
I ask all of my client-friends and I want to encourage you, to check into the wonderful workbooks available on this website. The Healing Codes, The Success Codes, The Relationship Codes, The Q-Codes, and The Truth Technique manuals will give you a further understanding on how the Codes can be applied to your personal circumstances. You can go through these workbooks on your own or if you’re not inclined to study on your own, I will teach you through the workbooks and give you Custom Codes as well.

To further aid you in your healing process, you can write to me at yourhealingcodescoach @ for a complimentary list of Truth Focus Statements that integrate theology, spirituality, and psychology.

All the best to you as you step into this New Year and into the transforming help of the Codes.

Elizabeth Peace is a Certified Healing Codes Coach, a professional pastoral counselor and a teacher. For helpful articles and offers, please visit Elizabeth on her website, Your Healing Codes Coach
1. Scientific American, Fields, R. Douglas, May 7, 2008.
2. The “Family of Codes” is an inclusive term I use for all of the Codes offered; The Healing Codes, The Success Codes, The Relationship Codes and The Q-Codes.