He Who Observes the Wind Will Not Plant

He Who Observes the Wind Will Not Plant

Too many of us stand on the dock waiting. We want the ship in place, the footway perfectly positioned, the weather right, and an engraved invitation before we’re willing to launch out. It will never happen! Dreams don’t move toward us, we have to move toward them.

One author writes: ‘It’s time to quit waiting for perfection, inspiration, permission, reassurance, someone to change, the right person to come along, the kids to leave home, the new administration to take over, an absence of risk, someone to discover you, a clear set of instructions, more self-confidence, or the pain to go away.

Instead of saying, ‘We’ve never done it before,’ say, ‘We have the opportunity to be first.’ Instead of saying, ‘We don’t have the resources,’ say, ‘Necessity fuels invention.’ Instead of saying, ‘There’s not enough time,’ say, ‘We’ll change how we work.’ Instead of saying, ‘We’ve already tried that,’ say, ‘We learned from experience.’ Instead of saying, ‘We don’t have the expertise,’ say, ‘Let’s network with those who do.’

Instead of saying, ‘Our vendors and customers won’t go for it,’ say, ‘Let’s show them the opportunities.’ Instead of saying, ‘We don’t have enough money,’ say, ‘Maybe there’s something we can cut.’ Instead of saying, ‘We’re understaffed,’ say, ‘We’re a lean, hungry team.’ Instead of saying, ‘It’ll never get any better,’ say, ‘We’ll try one more time.’ Instead of saying, ‘Let somebody else deal with it,’ say, ‘I’m ready to learn something new.’ Instead of saying, ‘It’s not my job,’ say, ‘I’ll be glad to take the responsibility.’

Instead of saying, ‘I can’t,’ say, ‘By God’s grace I can!’

Written/compiled from multiple sources by Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities and reprinted here with permission.


  1. The Healing Codes are truely an amazing gift!!! All my addictions and vices GONE..!!!! The intencse stomach cramps i exspearianced 3 or 4 times a day from an ulcer GONE..!!! The disbelief I once had in God, GONE..!!!!!!! 8 weeks of healing code and not only do I feel amazing, but I also now have Jesus Christ in my life..!!!!! Bless you all..!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What an amazing story! God Bless you as you continue to create the life you want, not waiting till everything is perfect, but making small steps to a better life and a better you!

  2. Simply beautiful! I feel it’s Divinely ordered that I read this tonight as I contemplate major changes in my life this year. In my younger years, I had so much faith and belief in myself and I felt I could walk on water. And guess what… I always did. As time passed and I became so-called “wiser” I began to rationalize everything and now everything has to add up and make sense. This drastic change happened to me mainly because I have allowed myself to be strongly influenced by everyone in my circle and convinced that I need to be more “realistic” because I am getting old and there’s a certain way things should be done in order for them to be right and make sense. I was even told “I don’t have sense enough to worry about anything!” Now, after many, many years of being crippled by my fears and trying to make things make sense, for some reason, this year I have decided to become “free” again. Free to be happy and pursue my dreams without trying to work it all out and make it make sense and be sure it’s all ok before I even start. I

    I pray that each and everyone of us will have the courage to be who and do what we know and feel in our heart of hearts. Trust in the Great Spirit to keep you safe… it will. THANK YOU!
    Peace and Love

    1. Oh Janice,
      What a beautiful story. I am so happy for you that the path of “free” and happiness has opened before you again. It is amazing to me how God works in our lives. Your action to “decide” is all it takes. He gave us free will so that we could decide on a beautiful life. Many blessings for a New Year filled with excitment and joy never before realized!

  3. What a wonderful article! Many thanks to you and Tom for all the amazing work you do. Don’t know to thank you enough. Many blessings, Carol

    1. Thank you Carol,
      It is Tom and I who are blessed by being able to serve! Our lives are full becasue of all of you we interact with – and for this we are most grateful. Happiest New Year ever!

  4. Am chuckling as I note that I live in Squamish, BC: Mother of all winds! Here we do listen to the winds, deeply affected by their directions. AND we still put our boards, kayaks and boats in the waters….

    As an Elder and Spirit guide, we say that we are the Dreaming, that our core value is that of love, and that we have dreamed our love into being and into expression.
    Hence love is expressing daily moment to moment through our views, thoughts, words and actions….

    We need do nothing. We are the Dream magnifying itself in the outer world. We are the MAGNETS for all that we need to connect with and that movement is thus, easeful, effortless, natural and progressively calling us to the right relationships, knowledge, skills, and partnerships.

    I love love…. and love loves me right back!

    Open to receiving those who are ready for this Clearly Lit Path from Core to expression!
    From the place of Mother of all Winds! LIstening to the winds….. rocking with the waters from which we come….. Loving it all.

    1. And love is what rules the earth and skies, seas and heavens for all of us. Just try loving everyone and everything you touch daily. Try thinking loving thoughts always no matter how small or large God’s creatures are. Amazing world we live in! We are blessed to be a part of it.

  5. Thanks Mary Ann,

    Just what I needed to read to help start my day today. My plan is to paste/tape a copy of this right on the front of my new “gratitude jar!”

    One of the (many) suggestions I read of things to do in the new year was to write down at least one positive thing (I call them blessings) each day on a small piece of paper and put it in a jar. At the end of the year we will have 365 things that happened to us that we can look back on & be grateful for. (We humans tend to remember so much of the negative, we need to be reminded about the positve.)

    I selected a large “former” pickle jar to be my gratitude jar and I’m in the process of “decorating” it. 🙂

    Blessings, “E”

    1. I LOVE the idea of a gratitude jar. We have always had gratitude journals, but the idea of a jar is really much more fun. I can see us sitting New Year’s eve – out under the stars – reading what we have been grateful for all year. I LOVE this, thank you so much for sharing it. Sorry it took me so long to comment back, I have been a tad “under the weather” (and by the way – the weather today is looking so sunny and clear – I think I am out from under whatever weather it was I was under).
      Many Blessings.

  6. I’m finding a noticeable amount of synchronicity between your daily posts and my daily mood about the process I’m in of creating wealth by finding work as a freelance copywriter/editor. Today is a good example. I’d already posted my daily activity before I read today’s message and, there it is. A piece that doesn’t just reflect how I feel, but supports me in making the necessary adjustments.
    Are you sure you guys don’t have some sort of in to my thoughts from day to day? lol

    1. I believe we are all guided to do things for a reason. I follow many email newsletters – but only every now and then does one “invite me” to blog it. I believe it invites me becasue someone needs to see if more than me. So no we are not in your thoughts but we are all part of One and therefore capabile of helping each other more then we know.

    1. Written by Tim Hetzner, properly accredited and posted (with permission) by Mary Ann – just as it says in the post

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