A Healing Codes Skeptic is Skeptical No More

I was skeptical…a patient had brought a book in to me to read, I thought to myself, okay another book. I can’t read all the stuff I need to, now she wants me to see if this “gimic/whim” will work for her. She hadn’t even read it herself! But, for some reason this time I did. Before I would try anything on anyone, I have to see for myself.

For months I had hot flashes, pain all over and especially in my neck since having meningitis.  So I tried a simple thing.  The universal code (is what I call it) and simply stated over and over to myself “I am accepted, I am loved, and I am forgiven”.  Not thinking much more about it I went to work. It was a few days later that I realized, I wasn’t tossing and turning in the night, my pain was essentially gone, I didn’t have anymore hot flashes!  It was then  that I decided to finish reading the book, downloaded all the info I could and am helping everyone I can, including a friend who is in end stage lung cancer who never smoked.  I pray this will work for her, and plan to teach that patient when she comes back.

I believe this is a pathway to God’s healing for many. Thanks Alex for listening to God, and God for revealing this truth to him, and for sending that patient to me.

Donna Dabney