The Power of Intention–to Heal Others

The Power of Intention–to Heal Others

For nearly a year, a special group of people from around the world have been praying for each other through my Healing Hearts Prayer Circle. In particular, we have been praying and doing posted custom codes for Vinny, a boy who has an inoperable benign tumor on his brain stem.

(If you haven’t been following, read as his story from the last year or so unfolds. Scroll to the very bottom to get his latest custom code if you’d like to join in.)

We recently received great news: Vinny’s latest MRI showed the tumor has greatly diminished. Doctors are ecstatic.

Now, maybe it is the chemotherapy that is doing the trick. However, I believe what’s really healing Vinny is the power of people’s loving intention and commitment to do his Code and pray for him. How else do you explain that he has no side effects from chemotherapy? Chemotherapy isn’t even usually used on benign brain tumors, according to an article on They say, “Treatment of benign brain tumors is similar to other brain tumor treatments except that chemotherapy is seldom done.”

So I believe that the true healing is being done not on a physical level, but a spiritual one as many people combine their loving intentions toward Vinny. LOVE is what heals. A client recently shared with me this experience:

I had a cyst on my wrist that has grown over the last few months and had some people pray at church for me. I’m so glad I have some witnesses.  Anyway, I would hold my fingertips away like in The Healing Codes and speak about how the light and peace and love of Jesus was going into that bump and breaking it up and dissolving it.  I did that every day for about a month and I kind of stopped and forgot about it until yesterday a noticed that it was gone!  How cool. 

Cool indeed!

I’ve written elsewhere about how to do Healing Codes for other people. (And for inspiration, if you haven’t read Mary’s story of how releasing her Healing Codes helped heal a young man with MS she barely knew, you must read that also.) You too have an opportunity to get involved, in two ways.

Just click on this Healing Hearts Prayer Circle link. If you have an issue you would like to have healed, add your issue by adding a comment. Other people who have subscribed to the comments will receive notice of your request.

If you would like to help heal someone else, scroll through the comments, and as you feel led, choose one person who posted and begin releasing your own Codes to that person. OR do the universal Healing Code for that person. You might want to reply to their comment and let them know you are doing this. Subscribe to the comments if you wish to keep updated.

We’ve already seen what this can do for one boy, Vinny. Let’s see what God can do through our love and intention to heal each other.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner who worked with Dr. Alex Loyd on The Healing Code. Visit her blog at, where you can also become part of the Healing Hearts Prayer Circle as described. You can also find more helps and information about her coaching at

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