Take A Break!

Take A Break!

If the light on your inner dashboard is flashing red, you are probably carrying too much, too far, too fast. If you do not pull over you will be sorry; so will those who love you. If, on the other hand, you have the courage to make some changes, you will be well rewarded. But be warned, there are three challenges you will face when you do:

First, you will experience false guilt. By saying no to those you have always said yes to, you will feel a twinge of guilt. Ignore it, it is false guilt! It is based on wrong thinking and screwed-up values. Retune your conscience to God’s Word, and to His priorities for your life.

Second, you will face misunderstanding. Maybe even hostility. Certain people will not understand your adjusted pace, particularly those who are still in the sinking boat you just stepped out of. Stick to your guns. In time, the people who matter most will see the wisdom of what you are doing. Hey, some of them may even decide to follow you!

Third, you will get some painful insights. By not filling every moment with activity you will begin to see the real you, and you might not like it. Activity can be a great place to hide. But if you stay with it, you will eventually turn the corner and be on your road to a happier, freer life. Your goal should be to fulfill your destiny, and in the process, stay in balance, in good health, and in God’s will!

Used with permission and written by Tim Hetzner.