“My son Christopher was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of seven months. Now, as a young parent, I didn’t know what leukemia was and I did not know that it was cancer. I was soon to find that out.
“We went to St. Jude’s in Memphis, TN, which is the leading cancer research hospital in the country…in the world in my opinion. We had the best doctors, we had the best nurses, just the best everything. Christopher had the best medical care there was. After nine months of treatment, he relapsed and his cancer came back. Now as a mom, that was the worst day of my life, because my baby had been through nine months of poison, toxic poison, pumped through his body to kill the cancer and yet the cancer was back. He had to go on a relapse protocol, which was a mixture of radiation and extra heavy-duty chemotherapy. He became very, very ill, just on the brink of death daily. The doctors gave him a less than 10% chance to live.

“During this time we prayed a lot and we never allowed anyone to speak death over Christopher. We prayed and prayed.

We knew that God was a good God. We knew God healed. Healed people. We knew Jesus healed. We knew he sent his son to die for us and that Jesus took stripes on his back for our healing. We knew that, and we knew that our son could be healed. So we just continued to pray. We continued to stand in faith.

“On June 17, 1993, Christopher received a bone marrow transplant. At that point, the doctors again said he had less than 10% chance of survival because it was an unrelated donor. A wonderful woman from Wisconsin named Cindy Clausen was Christopher’s bone marrow donor. We sang happy birthday to him. We felt like it was a new birth for him. And we felt like this donor was his second mom. The bone marrow transplant was really difficult in that we were in the hospital – literally in the hospital – for three solid months. He wasn’t allowed to leave his room. His blood counts remained really low. He had to be kept in a very sterile environment. Five other children were transplanted at the same time as Christopher. One by one they got better…they got to go home…they got to get on with their normal lives. And I would sit there in the hospital
and say, “I know my son’s going to live. I know my son’s going to live.” Yet it didn’t look like my son was going to live.

“We finally got out of the hospital, but we had to stay in a hotel another few months before we could actually leave Memphis and go home. The five children that had transplants at the same time as Christopher came back and, one by one, they lost them. That was really scary for me because they all had a better prognosis than my son had and they lost their battles.

“We finally did get to go home. Christopher did get better. Christopher was a miracle, and I knew in my heart that this was a miracle from God. It might have been a slow miracle by my timetable, but it was a miracle nonetheless. And we give Him all the glory and all the honor for that miracle.

“Meanwhile, Christopher had to have some experimental treatments done on him to combat the Epstein-Barr virus.  Children who have bone marrow transplants are susceptible to a myriad of things and one of them is the Epstein-Barr virus.

He had some experimental treatments. We flew back once a week so he could have these injections of mouse genes treated with T-cells that… unless you’re a doctor I don’t guess you’d understand because I don’t! They said that he was the third child ever to receive this therapy and he might live, he might die. One child had lived, one child had died, and we were the third and we could try it if we wanted to. So we prayed about that decision. We went ahead with the mouse gene therapy, and it worked for Christopher.

“So fast-forward a few years and Christopher is doing great medically. He has a few little problems. He has some thyroid problems. He’s starting to have some growth problems. He has some behavioral problems. We’re not real concerned.

We’re very happy that he doing great. He’s progressing. He doesn’t have cancer. You know, once you’ve had cancer everything else pales in comparison to that. A couple more years went by and things in his body started breaking down.

“Last year, in August of 2003 we had gone to St. Jude’s for a six month’s checkup, but they called me the day I got home and said, “You need to come back.” I said, “Well, I’m not coming back…I was just there.” They said, “No, you don’t understand. You need to come back. Christopher needs to have surgery on his hips. If he doesn’t have surgery right away, he may never walk again.” So what was I going to do? I approached Christopher and I said, “Look, we’re going to have to go back to Memphis. You’re going to have to have surgery on your birthday.” And he looked at me and said, “That’s okay, Mom. At least I get to have another birthday.” That really touched my heart. So we went back to Memphis, we had the surgery on his hips, they put pins in his hips, and he was in a wheelchair for a couple of months. We thought, “Okay. This is fine. This is a side effect of the radiation…no big deal.”

“But then he started throwing up. And kept throwing up. And throwing up, and throwing up, and throwing up. He threw up for months. We took him to doctor after doctor, but they could not figure out what was wrong with Christopher. I’d already seen him go through so much. I’d already seen my baby suffer more than most people have to suffer in a lifetime, and I did not want to see my child have to go through anymore.

“I knew God had healed him and I knew God had given us a miracle, and I didn’t understand why he was having to suffer even more. I knew that just was not God’s will for him. I read the Bible, I know what it says, and nowhere does it say, “I’m going to heal you and give you a miracle and then make you suffer.”

“After two months, they finally figured out that he had a sliding hiatal hernia. Part of his stomach was coming up through his esophagus. This went on through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, until finally in the middle of January he had surgery. They wrapped his stomach around his esophagus. After that, we thought everything was fine. We thought, “Okay, this was one weird thing…no big deal…it’s over. Two major surgeries in one year…we can deal with that. So let’s move on.”

“About two weeks later, he started throwing up again. We took him back to the doctors, they went in, and they
dilated his esophagus because it had swollen to the point where no food was getting through. After the dilation he started eating regularly. In another week, he started throwing up again. We took him back to the doctor and they said, “You know, we could dilate him again, but you’re going to end up with the same problem.” At this point, we just threw up our hands and said, “We’re just going to pray. We’ve done all we can do. We have nothing else to do for this child but pray.”

“We did put him on a liquid diet for about three weeks – that was as long as he could tolerate it. Meanwhile, we were scheduled for another checkup at St. Jude’s. I mentioned to his doctors, “He’s had this stomach surgery and he’s still throwing up, and we don’t understand what’s going on.” They said “You really need to bring him back for tests. We need to know what’s going on. He could have grafts of his host’s disease, and his stomach could be attacking him internally.”

“They also said his cortisol levels were really low – his adrenal function. When he was a little kid, right after
the bone marrow transplant, one of the things that they would keep a constant eye on was his adrenal gland function to make sure his cortisol levels were high enough. For a while we had to carry around a shot of adrenaline in case he got in an accident. I was told by the doctors at St. Jude’s that stress causes your body to deplete itself of adrenaline, and once that’s gone, if there’s a traumatic injury to the body but you don’t have that adrenaline, you die.

“Well, at this point, I thought, “cortisol levels.” I had talked to Jennifer once about the cortisol levels. I
thought, “I’m going to go to Jennifer and see if she knows of any natural remedy. I’m going to ask her to pray for Chris, and I’m going to ask her if she knows of anything I can do about this.” I went to Jennifer one night after services and said, “His cortisol levels are low and we have to go back…” And Jennifer just got this twinkle in her eye like she was listening to the Holy Spirit and not really what I was saying. She said, “I’m going to give you the number of a man who I think can help you. He was instrumental in my own healing. You call him.”

“I got his phone number. I called him the very next day, and it was Dr. Alex Loyd. That very day, he emailed me The Healing Codes package. I went over it that day. It sounded great to me, because when you are desperate, you will try anything. We had tried natural remedies on Christopher. We had done amino acids, vitamins, supplements, herbals…you name it, we had tried it. But he was still throwing up and the doctors were at a loss. So I read through The Healing Codes that night. The very next morning I started it on Christopher, and I started doing it on myself because I wanted to make sure I was good to do it on Chris.

“We had immediate results. Immediate results. From the very first time I did it on Christopher, he got up from our little session just happy, happier than I’d seen him in a long time. He was laughing, he was playing, he seemed to have a lot of energy that he hadn’t had the past few months. He’d been very lethargic and very tired all of the time.

“We had exactly twelve days from the time we started The Healing Codes to the time we had to be in Memphis where they were going to do a whole battery of tests on him to find out why he was throwing up. Well, twelve days is the initial protocol for The Healing Codes. We did the twelve days, and we went back to St. Jude’s. They did CT scans, MRIs, upper GI’s, blood work… you name it, they did it. And the results of every single one of those tests was clear. There was not anything, and he had stopped throwing up at this point, so I was convinced.

“The other thing that happened with The Healing Codes during those twelve days was that Christopher grew a
centimeter. Christopher has to take growth hormone shots every single night – he has since he was six years old. He grew a centimeter. Normal growth for him is 2-3 centimeters in one year. We’ve continued to do The Healing Codes, and in the past month, he has grown three shoe sizes. Your foot is the first part of your body to grow, so you know when your foot grows, you’re getting ready to shoot up. Well, Christopher is getting ready to shoot up three shoe sizes in one month.

“I am just praising God and I thank Dr. Alex and The Healing Codes. I thank him that he was obedient, that he was asking and seeking and knocking, because I truly believe that the Lord revealed this to Dr. Alex. I truly believe that Dr. Alex is being used to bring hope and healing and wholeness to so many people. My heart today is to share my story with you so that you can find hope and find healing and find wholeness. Try The Healing Codes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Healing Codes is truly an answer to prayer for both of us. We have been praying a very long time for every molecule in Christopher’s body to come in alignment with the word of God.

“This a little poem Christopher wrote a couple of years ago. It’s called “I Am.”

“I am a fierce dinosaur. I wonder if I have a friend. I hear cries of others like me. I see others like me. I want to be strong. I am a fierce dinosaur. I pretend that I have a home. I feel happy. I touch things like meat. I worry that I will die. I cry if I bite my tail. I am a fierce dinosaur. I understand what it feels like to be a dinosaur. I dream that I am the strongest dinosaur. I try to be the biggest dinosaur. I hope I live. I am a fierce dinosaur.”
“He is living and he’s going to live. I have medical bills here totaling over a million dollars. What a million
dollars in medical care could not do for Christopher, The Healing Codes has done for him.”
~~ Melissa Ryan