Reduce Holiday Stress Healing Circle

Reduce Holiday Stress Healing Circle

Happy Holidays!”

We hear this greeting quite a lot right now.  But for people who are stressed, the holidays often make stress even worse.  Thoughts of holidays past (either wonderful or terrible) can come up and keep us from enjoying this holiday.  Money worries and expectations of “big gifts” can make us feel even worse. Using the Healing Codes can help us change all this.

When I wrote an article on the Healing Codes for the International Journal of Healing and Caring, I interviewed a number of my past clients.  One thing that everyone said was how the Healing Codes help them feel more peaceful.  Doing the Healing Codes during the holidays can help us feel more peace, love and joy.  That’s what the holidays are supposed to be about, right?

On December 15th, 7:30 Eastern, I will be offering a free Healing Circle to help you reduce your holiday stress.  We will do some group Healing Codes as well as other quick and easy stress reducers.  To sign up go to

Wishing you  peace, love and joy this holiday season,


Dr. Lorna Minewiser,  Charter Certified Healing Codes Coach/Trainer

By Lorna Minewiser

I have been a Healing Codes Coach since 2003 and have helped train new coaches as well. I am trained in all the Healing Codes products. My article on the Healing Codes appeared in the International Journal Of Healing and Caring. I offer Individual custom coding sessions and groups.