Power to Peace

Power to Peace

When doctors get stressed,

this is the 2-minute technique they use!

Did you know that 86 – 95% of all illness and disease today can be traced back to one common element?

  • It’s not a genetic element that some folks are born with that others mercifully dodge.
  • It’s not a single cell carrier that suddenly invades your body like a freight train.
  • It’s not even due to the water we drink, the air that we breathe, the noise that we deal with, or the gizmo rays assailing us from our computer monitors.

The vast majority of ALL illness and disease anywhere in the world stems from STRESS!

According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), 90% of illness and disease is caused by stress! Dr. Bruce Lipton of Stanford University Medical School has shown that the real number is closer to 95%. This fact bears repeating: 90% to 95% of ALL illness and disease is caused by physiological stress, which is an accumulation of situational stress and other factors over time.

Regular, everyday (‘situational’) stress might almost seem like a normal way of life to you. But your body doesn’t think it’s normal at all.

While we claim we’re living in “the modern age,” our bodies are still wired back to what we politely refer to as “caveman days.” It doesn’t matter if the stress you’re feeling is big or small … sudden or slow-burning … or coming at you with big teeth bared. Your body only knows to react in one of two ways – 1.) Fight, or 2.) Flight.

Without even giving your mind a chance to vote on the matter, your adrenalin kicks into gear and you’re suddenly right in the middle of it … or dodging away from it.

This used to be a great trick when we had to dodge saber-toothed tigers …
The physical action … i.e, Run!! Fight!! … following the adrenal boost would help flush all that hopped-up urgency from our system. But, in today’s world, most of our ” saber-toothed tiger” activity has evolved into standing in front of a super-critical boss, overhearing an escalating fight between the neighbors next door, or speeding up to get past the weaving driver in the next lane.

Like the saber-tooth tiger experience, our adrenalin dutifully kicks in when stress shows its face. Unlike the saber-tooth tiger, all those hopped up chemicals aren’t flushed out because we’re not engaged in actual physical action – so those “emergency chemicals” just continue to bang around in our bodies where they don’t belong, creating physical tension, emotional distress and actual physiological stress that begins to tear the body down.

We become tense, irritable and tired, and we can’t figure out why.

If we could just find a way to relieve the situational stress as it occurs throughout our day, we would be well on our way to not only protecting our body’s newest cell growth, but also ridding our existing cells of that long-time toxic buildup of STRESS!

Now, most of us KNOW of at least 3 or 4 healthy solutions to relieving stress … We can exercise. We can do yoga. We can meditate. We can try to remove ourselves from a toxic situation like a bad workplace or a bully in the playground. All of these are great solutions. But they take time. And in many cases – like yoga or kickboxing – there’s a learning curve we all must push through before we feel substantial stress relief.

We know you don’t have a lot of time.
And you don’t have time for a learning curve either

Especially when it comes to recognizing and dealing with any kind of stressor you’ve come up against. That’s why we’ve completely researched and developed the fastest, easiest, healthiest and most-effective remedy out there against stress.

It’s The Power to Peace Meditation – A 2-Minute Solution That
Immediately Clears Stress From Your Body & Mind.

Here’s why The Power to Peace is such an incredibly simple healing tool for you for the rest of your life!

  • You don’t need to know anything about meditation (or even follow it, for that matter) to make The Power of Peace work.
  • You can learn this process in about 5 minutes (and it’s so simple, you won’t forget it).
  • You can be any age to apply this process.
  • It doesn’t require athletic ability or physical strain of any kind (other than some concentrated breathing).
  • You can do this process just about anywhere and any time when stress hits or as you deal with a long-term stressful situation.
  • You will normally feel results – actual stress levels receding in your body – IMMEDIATELY.
  • And, most importantly, YOU’RE in control of rapidly and safely reducing the stress you feel in your life.

Even if it’s long-term stress or a stressful situation you just don’t know how to remove yourself from, The Power to Peace 2-Minute Meditation will help protect you against harmful bodily effects and clear your mind for better decision making and action

As you continue to practice this easy, 2-minute method, you will begin to condition yourself to maintain a more stress-free state in your day-to-day living. When you do experience stressful events, you will find it increasingly easier to release the stress and return to a more peaceful state quickly and easily.

Just imagine what that can feel like in your life!

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Every day, we hear from people who are applying The Power to Peace in their lives …
In fact, The Power to Peace has proven so powerful in so many lives around the world that it’s part of the reason why we offer a 100% Risk-Free, Money -Back Guarantee. (Refund amounts are less shipping and handling) As you probably know, there aren’t a lot of “online” products or services that offer a 100% refund if you’re not completely pleased with the results but, frankly, the Power to Peace works and works … and works.

Power to Peace has lowered my blood pressure.
I’ve been running a check on my blood pressure for a month, twice a day at the same time. My blood pressure dropped into the teens while I was doing Power to Peace. The numbers were 118/70, right where the books want them. I take no medication.
– P.A.

“I feel like I’ve had an hour-long massage!”
After two minutes of doing Power to Peace, I feel like I’ve had an hour-long massage. I’m kind of shocked, actually.
– case study participant

“I admit it – I thought Power to Peace was a hoax … until I tried it.”
I tried the 2-minute Power to Peace method today thinking it was a hoax and it’s NOT – I feel absolutely great!
– case study participant

“My stress levels reduced across the board with Power to Peace.”
With Power to Peace, all my stress levels after a few days of doing this meditation were ‘zeros’ and ‘ones.’
– R.M.

“A 2-minute meditation to instantly reduce stress is a dream come true!”
I’ve been teaching mediation for many years. I can tell you the main problem people have with meditation is, “I don’t have the time to do this.” Power to Peace solves that so beautifully. I mentioned it to one of my clients, and he just lit up when I mentioned that there might be a shorter version of meditation. He said, “Oh, that’s just what I need.”

If you have a tool that you use for 2 minutes to instantly reduce stress levels and invoke healing in the body… that is an answer to a prayer and dream come true.
– A.S.

“You don’t have to know exactly WHY you’re stressed – you just know you want to get rid of it! Power of Peace makes that happen – in just 2 minutes!”
In the moment of something happening when you could benefit from doing this, you may not be able to identify the specifics of where you are emotionally. Being able to rely on Power to Peace as a simple yet very effective stress reducer is great. It works to reduce your stress, even if you’re not exactly sure where all the stress is coming from!
– S.L.

The Power to Peace Meditation is your answer to relieving situational stress as it occurs throughout your day, simply and quickly … and without interfering in your already-full schedule!

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The Power to Peace DVD with QuickStart, Full-Length Training and Research Findings, Advanced Power to Peace Methods and Testimonials.

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