Holiday Stress Buster

Holiday Stress Buster

Holiday Stress??

I recognize the stress that my personal family members have experienced during Holidays, especially after my mother and grandmother of all the kids and grandkids passed away.  The Holidays had a bit of sadness and sorrow for many years.   How wonderful it has been since doing the Healing Codes on myself and for others in my family that these times are no longer sad but happier and more full of gratitude for one another, not taking each other for granted and enjoying our time together more.

Then there are the folks that are stressed with gift buying, worrying about what people will think of them regarding gifts or no gifts and or  stressing over the relatives getting together who might not be easy being around.

There are just so many things at this time of year that seem to bring more stress out, activating  negative memories known and unknown, so a Holiday Stress Buster Teleseminar Series seems like a great idea for those that are not experiencing the PEACE they would like at this time of year.  You are welcome to come and join me if you like as I start Monday with a Holiday Stress Buster series.  Check it out at Healing Codes Circle