Healing – What If It Doesn’t Happen

We realize that most of our testimonials report rapid progress, sudden changes, and sometimes even miraculous results in both physical and emotional problems.  Most of the people who take the time to write to us do so because they are excited and grateful at what has happened so quickly for them.  Gradual progress inspires a lot fewer emails even though it is true progress.

Why doesn’t everyone experience miraculous healing?  It really makes more sense to ask why anyone does experience this healing.  The Healing Codes do not target physical problems.  They don’t even target emotional problems directly.  The Healing Codes only target the healing of the 12 spiritual issues addressed in the 12 categories—the three Inhibitors that block spiritual growth and the nine Virtues that define spiritual growth.  It is still amazing to us that as these spiritual issues are healed so many physical and emotional problems are resolved as well.

In the section Healing Responses, Treating Others, and Living a Balanced Life, the example of two clients with migraine headaches is a perfect case of the differences in healing.  One man’s migraines were gone in a week; the other man’s migraines hung on for a year.  The difference was that the second man had many unconscious issues and wrong beliefs that were interrelated and connected to the migraines.

If you use the Journal of Progress and track how the amount of distress you feel about an issue or a memory is reduced to 1 or 0 as you do the Codes, then you do know that some healing is occurring.  Many clients note subtle but profound changes in their attitudes toward other people and life in general.  They have less rage in traffic; they aren’t as upset by certain people or situations; they sleep more soundly.  These changes can happen so gradually and feel so normal and natural (as indeed they are) that you may hardly remember how frazzled things used to seem.  The absence of something negative doesn’t always make an impression unless something else brings it to mind.  Noting these subtle changes is encouraging when you need to see progress because they are steps to deeper healing.

With all compassion we point out that, if you have already tried many healing methods or years of counseling, perhaps it doesn’t make sense to become impatient because The Healing Codes doesn’t provide a miracle in two months.  You are healing deep issues.

While we truly desire physical healing for everyone, our goal is your spiritual healing so you can experience love, joy, and peace in your life.  We believe that if you faithfully apply The Healing Codes program, your life will change for the better from the inside out.  In time, you will have more peace and joy than you imagined was possible.  You might also have physical healing.  But whether healing will happen, or how long any of this will take, is impossible to say.