For Others

For Others

Doing The Healing Codes on

Others, Animals, and Children

Question: How do you apply this to the animals?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  It’s very simple.  You do the treatment on yourself.  Before you start, you say, “I’m doing this treatment in love for boxer.”  Then when you finish, you put your hands on the boxer and say, “I release this treatment in love to boxer.”

And by the way, we routinely, I mean regularly, I mean every week, see faster results with animals or infants or extremely old people or people in comas or things like that than we do anyone else.

Question: If I were doing The Codes on someone else, would I work from above their heads so that my hands would be in the same position as it would be if they were doing it themselves?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  Yes.  The best way to work on someone else is to either, if it’s a child, have them sit in your lap or facing away from you.  Or if it’s an adult, for you to be behind them.  If it’s a spouse, just to have them lean back against you.  Then your right is their right and your left is their left.  If there’s no way that you can do that, then I would do it on yourself and then release it to them.

Question: How do we do this for friends without giving them the Twelve Day program to do?

Dr. Alex Loyd: What I would do is just give them the Code for their problem.

Question: Does it have a little less of an effect if I do it on someone else?  In other words, should I do it longer because I’m doing it and it’s not her hands?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  No.  It’s twice as effective with you doing it.

Question: Where do I place the hands to release it?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  It doesn’t matter.  You can gently touch her shoulders.  You can shake her hand.  It doesn’t matter.

Question: Do I have to tell her to first get the mental picture of the earliest memory that relates to her current frustration?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  No, you don’t.  And I’m glad you brought that up.  This is something we like to cover frequently.  Our tests were done without finding any pictures.  Without doing any Truth Focus Statements…it was just, “Okay, here’s your problem, do this Code and relax.”  So when you’re treating other people and animals, can you use pictures and Truth Focus Statements and all that?  Sure you can.  But you don’t necessarily need to.  So I think in that case I would just not do that.  I would just pray for her and then do the treatment on her and just relax.