Distance/Remote Healing

Question: We were talking earlier on the phone about being creative with The Healing Codes.  I’m kind of concerned about this friend whose family member is a young person, about twenty-five years old.  And I thought since a family is kind of enmeshed with their energetic frequency and also the generational frequencies that we carry through…I was wondering if the parents can’t reach the child that’s twenty-five and get the child to do The Healing Codes, I was wondering if the parents can do The Healing Codes for certain issues surrogate or at a distance and try to give him some energy to help him make a shift so he would go into a treatment center. I thought if the family would move through the guilt and shame and forgiveness for themselves and forgiveness to the son and whatever other issues come up – if they did that – then there wouldn’t be an energetic frequency for the boy to have.  So I thought, “God made family a very important foundation.  The parents, you know, the original carriers of the child, if they could work on the frequency, maybe it could help.”

Dr. Ben Johnson: Certainly, we’ve known for a long time and taught that you can do these codes on yourself or others.  “This is for this person and I am doing this treatment in love and light.”  You do the Code and you send it to them.  You release this to John Doe “in love and light for their healing.”  So you can certainly do that.  It works.  And that’s only limited by our faith.  Because if you understand quantum physics, that energy is just as available there as it is here.

Question: I wasn’t thinking about the quantum physic aspect of it.  Thank you for adding that part to it.

Dr. Ben Johnson: We think with our limitations that we think exist.  But if you understand quantum physics, it’s just as available right there are it is here.  So go ahead and do that Healing Code.  You have to do these things with integrity.  The purpose being love and not your will being done on that person.  You have to do these things in purity and integrity and love.