I’m not noticing any difference. 
Is it working?

Dr. Alex Loyd: We often hear, “I’m waiting for it to start working,” and “I’m waiting for results,” that kind of thing.

This is really a paradigm shift.  Most of you have probably heard about me talk about the two guys with different issues and one took a week and one took a year.  Well, the guy who took a year, who still healed, by the way, he might have been tempted to say ten or eleven months into it, “I’m still waiting for results,” or “I’m still waiting for it to start working,” because he’d been doing it for that long and still had his issue.  But the truth was that it had been working the whole time.  It just took that long before it got all the stuff out of his body and healed the tissue to where the results were noticeable to him.  But under the surface, it had been working the whole time.

What we’re used to and what we want is, “I’ve got a headache, give me a Tylenol,” and in twenty minutes the headache better be gone.  That’s what we’ve all grown up with for the most part and it’s what we’re used to.  But The Healing Codes are a paradigm shift.  And yes, you may be the overnight miracle, but you may also be the person who goes two months, three months, six months, ten months, without noticeable results that you can see.  But it’s still working.  It’s still doing exactly what it needs to do.  You may just have more stuff to clean up.

So you can’t go with The Healing Codes by what you’re feeling, as far as what you would call conscious results.  You just have to just keep doing those exercises, keep doing the Codes, keep pulling the stress out of your body, keep healing those memories, and over time, you will get to where you want to get.  But there is no magic time amount for any person or any issue because all of us are different.  And two people can have the same issue, but have drastically different sources of the problem.

That’s something I wanted to bring up.  Because it is hard for us.  We’re not used to it.  We’re used to, “Give me a Tylenol,” or, “Give me an Advil,” or “Give me a hydrocortisone shot,” or something.  This does not work that way.  This heals the source of the problem so you can be free of it forever.


Sometimes people call in and say that they really don’t feel like they’re getting results from the program.  Ninety-nine percent of those people who say that are not doing it consistently.  They’re not even doing the minimum every day.  They’re missing days.  Sometimes they’re missing weeks.  They’re just doing it every once in a while.

If you do that, all bets are off.  While we’ve had some miraculous results from people just doing it sporadically, I sure wouldn’t count on that. But, I don’t buy the excuse that they don’t have enough time.  Because you can take sleep time, at least up to a couple of hours and do The Healing Codes and it will give you more energy than the sleep you missed.  And that’s true.  A lot of people have trouble believing that until they try it.  Almost every single time, they come back and tell us, “I didn’t believe it, but I did it and you were exactly right.  I felt more energy the next day than I’ve felt in a good while.”