Create Your Best Future NOW

Create Your Best Future NOW

Another way to look at this is how to create the best outcome in any situation. That’s what we all want to do.  We look back on situations in our life and how we handled them and think “it would have been better if I’d have done this or that.”  Well, usually when we do that it’s because we’ve violated the ‘what is’ principle I’m about to share with you.

Let’s get into it.  There are two parts of it.  The first part is you need to change your “what if’s” into “what is”.  Quit asking “what if?” and start asking “what is?”  Part 2, is you need to start focusing in the present in truth and love.  Those are the two parts.

Let’s look at them for just a couple of minutes individually.  Number one, quit asking what if.  Starting asking what is. We get in big trouble from focusing on the future and saying, “what if”?  So a lot of people are looking to the future and saying, “Oh, my goodness.  What if this happens?  What if that happens?”

We also look at the past that way, with what if’s.  What if this or that had not happened in my life?  We have regrets.  We have beliefs about ourselves based on the past that “I’ll never be able to do this because this happened.”  Or, “This is inevitable for me in my life because that happened.”  So we look backwards and forwards and ask “what if?”  We wonder why we’re stuck.

The reason we get stuck is we’re not wired to work that way.  We’re not supposed to live our life that way.  The way you need to be living your life is to look at your present, right now.   Say, “Okay, what is?”  Not only that, but to look at what is in truth and love, not wallowing in the mud and picking out one little thing.

You have to look at the truth in totality and you have to look at it in love.  That means, what is the best thing for me to focus on now?  Not just what is setting off my anxiety or fear or sadness or anger or whatever it is.

So here’s what you do –  look at your current situation.  Get out a piece of paper and say, “What is true about my life.”  Write down the good.  Write down the bad.  Write down the in-between.   On another piece of paper “What is the loving way for me to look at my life, my relationships, my career, my truth, what’s the positive way for me to look at that?’ Wallowing in the mud never helped anybody with anything.  Then you get a third piece of paper and decide, based on what is truth, based on what is love, based on the resources that I have available to me, the people that care about me, etc. what is the true love thing for me to be focused on today?  Maybe write down 10 things you need to address today in truth and love.  Then, what is the true love thing I need to be focused on right now?

Maybe the easiest and most accurate way it so go by your gut.  I’ve sat down.  I’ve written these 10 true love things I can be focused on today.  That doesn’t mean you sit around and day-dream all day.  Quite the contrary, it means you have action steps every day.  Not just busy actions steps, not just because this is what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years, but through the filter of truth and love.

Those are the filters you put stuff through:  1) Quit asking “what if” and start asking “what is”.  2) Evaluate the “what is” in the present time in truth and love. Evaluate it through the eyes of truth and love.

It takes a little bit of practice, but let me promise you this, once you get to where you can do that pretty effectively, nobody ever does it perfectly, you have just guaranteed your best possible future.  And it’s almost miraculous how that works.  I’ve heard it with person after person after person for years.  So, stop asking “what if”.  Start asking what is.  Evaluate in truth and love.  Moment by moment live that way.  You may have to clean up some of the junk to get there, but it’s not that hard to do.  We can show you how to do that very simply.  You will never be the same.

Blessings – Alex