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While Doing The Healing Codes?

Question: While you’re using The Healing Codes, do you still have to do your normal cleansing?  Someone who’s ill obviously needs major cleansing.  Do you still go through major cleansing program?

Dr. Alex Loyd:  Well, there’s no way to answer that question for every single person.  That’s not a general, “It’s this way for everybody” question.  The Healing Codes work for anything.  You don’t have to quit doing anything; you don’t have to start doing anything.  You don’t have to quit taking anything; you don’t have to start taking anything. The Healing Codes work.  We get reports from people all the time.  Every single week.  We get reports from people that say, “I don’t have to take vitamins anymore since starting The Healing Codes.”  Does that mean that we’re coming out and saying,  “Hey, guess what, guys, you don’t have to take vitamins anymore.”  No.  I take vitamins every day.  And don’t have any intention of stopping that.  But everybody’s different.  We’ve had clinics who give colonics say they’ve had people who do The Healing Codes come in and they don’t need colonics anymore.  There’s nothing there.  After a number of weeks of doing The Healing Codes.  Does that mean you don’t need colonics?  No.  I believe in colonics.  I think it’s a good thing to do and occasionally I’m going to go and do that.  It’s different for everybody.  But what I say is if you believe something is good and healthy, do it.  Don’t discontinue it because of The Healing Codes.  If you have the Advanced Training Material and know how to test, you can test some of those things.

But no, we believe in being holistic.  We believe in vitamins and minerals.  We believe in exercise and mediation and doing lots of things that are healthy.  Not just one.  But that’s an individual thing.  So you decide what is good and healthy and best for you.

Question: Could it also heal emotions so that they no longer have a desire to drink and smoke?

Dr. Alex Loyd: That’s exactly what happens so many times.  After doing The Healing Codes for a good while, they’re all the sudden able to stop smoking and stop drinking.  And that, quite frankly, is the key.