Coaching, Personal

Coaching, Personal

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is performed by a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner and consists of telephone sessions where the coach tunes in to the energy of the person and develops a custom healing code specifically for them and the issues they are dealing with at that moment. The certified coach acts as a guide and helps the clients on their path to healing themselves – giving them specificity along the way.

The degree of specificity of a custom code seems to give greater power to the code and is usually more effective than the regularly powerful codes in the manual or book. Having a coach to guide, and help you delve deeper can be the difference between having great results and excellent to outstanding results! The combination of the energy of the coach and the energy of the client, combine to provide a force greater than either alone. Add the specificity of the codes and you have a superb support on your path to healing.

The sessions with your coach are short. The session usually lasts 5-10 minutes. They are not talk therapy. They are not counseling. Instead of talking it is better for you to spend the time doing the custom code developed for you by your coach.

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