Live with the End in Mind

Live with the End in Mind

Stephen Covey suggests you “begin with the end in mind.” Focusing on “the end” of your life might seem morbid, but it’s actually a way to quickly get to your true priorities. On one of the Cutting Edge calls (1/11/12), Dr. Alex Loyd suggested an exercise to help you do this. Imagine you were just… Continue reading Live with the End in Mind

“Why Do I Feel Worse after Doing The Healing Codes?”

Q: “What if I feel worse when I do The Healing Codes?” A: Occasionally, people have what’s called a “healing response” when they heal. It’s a well-known phenomenon in medicine known as the Herxheimer Reaction. It’s also referred to as Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction, JHR, the Herxheimer Effect, the Herxheimer Response, a Herx Reaction, Herx or Herks.… Continue reading “Why Do I Feel Worse after Doing The Healing Codes?”

A Time for Miracles

Vonnie, a pianist and one of my clients, shared with me an incredible true story that happened to her the week before Christmas. I thought it was perfect for the holiday season. After all, this is a time when we reflect on the miracles in the Christmas and Hanukkah stories.   For years I have… Continue reading A Time for Miracles

Healing Painful Holiday Memories

For some people, the holidays are anything but peaceful or joyful. Perhaps the holidays bring up memories of disappointment, tension, even trauma. If this is the case for you, I encourage you to do a Healing Code specifically on your negative holiday memories. First, start with your current feelings and beliefs about the holidays. Is… Continue reading Healing Painful Holiday Memories

Too Many Memories–Where to Start?

Q:“What if you remember many traumatic events from your past and don’t know which to work on? What if there was a very traumatic event from when you were an infant which you do not remember, but have been told about? How do you know which event to address in the Healing Code?” A:  Many questions… Continue reading Too Many Memories–Where to Start?

Health Benefits of Thanks-giving

“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.” — John Henry Jowett What if you could improve your marriage, find it easier to exercise, feel less depressed, sleep better, have a healthier heart, more life satisfaction, and increase your chances of living longer–just by a very simple practice? I’m talking about practicing what I… Continue reading Health Benefits of Thanks-giving

When You Can’t Find Memories …

In an earlier post, I answered a question about what to do if you have too many memories. Here is the opposite problem: what to do if you can’t find any earlier memories connected to the feeling in your issue. Q: “I have health problems but don’t know what caused them. I can’t remember anything in… Continue reading When You Can’t Find Memories …

My Favorite “Love Picture”

One of the most common questions people have concerning doing The Healing Codes is, “What do I focus on while doing a Healing Code?” The main thing is to focus on something positive to replace the false, negative beliefs and images in the memory you’re trying to heal. . This can be a Truth Focus… Continue reading My Favorite “Love Picture”

Can You Spare a Smile?

In my work as a Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner, helping people heal their “heart issues,” I hear some incredibly sad stories. Stories of nearly unspeakable cruelty, doled out by people who themselves are damaged. You and I walk among wounded people. Some people hide their scars pretty well. Some do not. One man told of being… Continue reading Can You Spare a Smile?

The Language of the Heart

As I work with clients, it occurs to me that learning to understand how the (nonphysical) heart works is like learning a new language. Recently we had an exchange student from Spain living with us. As Teresa tried to communicate in English and we in Spanish, it was awkward, funny, and frustrating at times. My… Continue reading The Language of the Heart