Head Injury

Head Injury

“As I was pushing a wheelbarrow in a difficult place, I whacked my head so hard it stopped me in my tracks. I knew that I had really messed up my neck and needed to go to the chiropractor immediately or I would be in very bad shape. I kept calling for an appointment, but could never get through.

“That afternoon I talked to my Healing Codes coach, and she told me to do what I felt like I needed to do, but the Codes would help my body to realign itself. I decided to wait it out and see what would happen with the Healing Codes. I have gotten along great with out any pain or numbness or tingling.

“Almost a month later, I went to the chiropractor and he asked me if I had been going to the massage therapist because my muscles were so soft and pliable and I was getting along so great from the injury. I told him that I hadn’t and proceeded to tell him about the Healing Codes. He said that it is sure working and that I need to continue on with it. He told me that my 1st & 6th vertebrae were turned opposite directions, but there didn’t seem to be any nerve damage.”

~~ Renita F.